A Fond Farewell to Yuval Levin

The Ethics and Public Policy Center extends a fond farewell to Yuval Levin, who after 13 remarkably productive years at EPPC will be joining AEI as its new director of social, cultural, and constitutional studies.

EPPC’s Faith Angle Forum Launches Podcast

EPPC’s Faith Angle Forum has launched a new weekly podcast to share some of the insights, stories, and wisdom gained over two decades at Faith Angle. This series of conversations, hosted by Faith Angle Forum director Josh Good, brings together top scholars, clerics, and leading journalists for smart discussions of some the most profound questions in today’s contested public square.

EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White Appointed to New Role at Catholic University

EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White has been named the executive director of The Catholic Project, an initiative launched by the Catholic University of America in the wake of the Church’s sexual-abuse crisis. Mr. White will carry out his new duties in his continuing role as a fellow in EPPC’s Catholic Studies program.

EPPC Briefly: EPPC Scholars on the Rome Abuse Summit

The latest EPPC Briefly is here, highlighting the important work of our scholars George Weigel, Stephen P. White, and Mary Rice Hasson regarding the Catholic Church’s sex-abuse crisis.

EPPC Briefly: Henry Olsen and Lance Morrow on the State of the Union Address

The latest EPPC Briefly features Henry Olsen and Lance Morrow on President Trump’s State of the Union address; George Weigel on New York’s sordid new “Reproductive Health Act”; Peter Wehner’s first piece in his new role at the Atlantic; and more.

Henry Olsen, Peter Wehner Earn New Roles at Major Media Outlets

Henry Olsen will become a daily opinion columnist for the Washington Post, and Peter Wehner will become a contributing editor for The Atlantic. Both Mr. Olsen and Mr. Wehner will carry out their new roles in their continuing capacity as EPPC scholars.

EPPC Briefly: George Weigel on How the Vatican Is Squandering Its Moral Capital

Read the latest EPPC Briefly, featuring George Weigel on how the Vatican is squandering its moral capital by refusing to confront tyrants, plus more new work from other EPPC scholars.

EPPC Briefly: Yuval Levin and Henry Olsen on the Populism Debates

The latest issue is packed with great new work by Yuval Levin, George Weigel, Henry Olsen, Mona Charen, Peter Wehner, Stephen P. White, Sir Roger Scruton, James Bowman, Ian Lindquist, Lance Morrow, and more.

EPPC Briefly: Advent and Reform

The latest EPPC Briefly features new work by Stephen P. White, George Weigel, Yuval Levin, Lance Morrow, Mona Charen, and other EPPC scholars.

EPPC Briefly: Henry Olsen and Yuval Levin on the Midterms and 2020

In the latest EPPC Briefly, Henry Olsen and Yuval Levin analyze the midterm elections and what the results mean for 2020, George Weigel and Stephen P. White offer analysis of the challenges facing the Catholic Church, Lance Morrow assesses the complicated legacy of Woodrow Wilson, and much more.