EPPC’s 2023 Annual Report

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is excited to present our 2023 annual report. As you’ll see, EPPC is flourishing, and our efforts to bring about renewal in American public life are bearing good fruit.

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is the premier institute working to apply the riches of the Jewish and Christian traditions to contemporary questions of law, culture, and politics. In a polarized political and cultural environment, EPPC promotes a true and full account of human nature and human flourishing across critical areas of public life and public policy—and we do so with intellectual rigor and civility. EPPC is proactive, anticipating future challenges and preparing now to meet them when they come.

Through the integrated efforts of EPPC’s programs, we provide intellectual leadership about the truth of the human person to policy- and culture-makers at all levels of society—and then translate that truth into practical solutions for American civic leaders.

With the help of our courageous supporters, we’ll continue to equip religious and political leaders alike with the philosophical and practical tools they need to face contemporary challenges to human dignity.

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