Education and American Ideals

America’s founding ideals, and the way we teach the history that undergirds them, are being scrutinized today more than ever before. Forming rising generations into responsible citizens who properly understand their rights and duties is an essential task for securing the future of our republic.  

EPPC’s Education and American Ideals Project brings together the work of several of our scholars to provide intellectually rigorous and practically effective conservative leadership on the pressing issues we face. These scholars advance our mission to build and sustain a society where families and faith communities flourish and where the traditional American way of life thrives.  

EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz is at the front of the national pushback against indoctrination in K–12 schools and on college campuses. He has established himself as the nation’s foremost critic of politicized “action civics” and is among the most influential opponents of Critical Race Theory. Stanley’s work on education is followed widely by the general public, especially through his contributions to National Review Online, as well as by legislators and policymakers across the country who seek out his expert guidance on keeping public policy and public schools free of “woke” trends. Stanley has been consulted on his model legislation on CRT, action civics and other topics by legislators, governors, or state attorneys general in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, as well as by policy experts and influencers in many other states, and he has testified on education issues before Congress and many state legislatures.

EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen, author of the pathbreaking 2017 book The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism, writes daily columns in the Washington Post advancing a sound vision for the conservative movement grounded in America’s working class. Henry’s insights are followed and respected by leading contenders for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, and he is regularly consulted by congressional offices in DC. As a result, Henry’s ideas are helping to shape the debate within conservatism and the future of the Republican Party.  

EPPC Henry Grunwald Senior Fellow Lance Morrow, a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and City Journal, draws on his rich career to write probing pieces on journalism, politics, and American culture. A longtime, award-winning essayist with TIME magazine, his work focuses on the moral and ethical dimensions of public events, including freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and political correctness on American campuses, with a view to the future consequences of such suppressions.

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Biden is right on Taiwan. Now he needs a staff that won’t undercut him.

Henry Olsen

China clearly is building its capability to invade Taiwan sometime in the near future. That effort will succeed unless the United States stands firmly behind the island’s rulers.


The Washington Post / September 19, 2022

Elites Bear the Blame for Swedish Populism’s Rise

Henry Olsen

Sweden’s election is just the latest of a decade-long series of wake-up calls for Western elites.


The Washington Post / September 16, 2022

Ron DeSantis is the only Republican who can beat Trump

Henry Olsen

It’s not hard to figure out why DeSantis has such credibility among the Trumpy set.


The Washington Post / September 14, 2022

Democrats cannot wish away their inflation curse

Henry Olsen

Democrats may still do better than expected in the midterms, but they will not be able to wish away the inflation issue before votes are cast.


The Washington Post / September 13, 2022

Neo-Marxing the College Board with AP African American Studies

Stanley Kurtz

APAAS clearly proselytizes for a socialist transformation of the United States, although its socialism is heavily inflected by attention to race and ethnicity.


National Review Online / September 13, 2022

Tom Cotton could help make the GOP a working-class party

Henry Olsen

Conservative successes, such as the 1996 welfare reform bill and Ronald Reagan’s presidency, have arisen only when they work within the New Deal consensus to introduce more freedom and personal responsibility.


The Washington Post / September 12, 2022

Biden’s Speech Had It All Backward

Lance Morrow

Biden’s Democrats seek a one-party state. Trump’s followers want freedom from government power.


Wall Street Journal / September 12, 2022

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AUDIO: Stanley Kurtz on College Board Controversy

The Seth Leibsohm Show / September 13, 2022

AUDIO: Stanley Kurtz on Arizona’s Postsecondary Education Challenges

The Seth Leibsohm / August 23, 2022

Q&A: Stanley Kurtz on Ron DeSantis and American higher education

The College Fix / June 16, 2022