Evangelicals in Civic Life

EPPC’s Evangelicals in Civic Life program researches the role the evangelical community plays in American politics and public life. This program explores the civic and political activities of evangelicals, taking a look at the broad array of organizations and leaders as well as bringing evangelical leaders together to discuss more effective civic involvement.

The program is directed by EPPC Fellow Andrew Walker, who is joined in his work on the project by EPPC Fellow Carl R. Trueman, EPPC Fellow Brad Littlejohn, and EPPC Postdoctoral Fellow Nathanael Blake.

Program Publications

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Progressivism on the big screen

Andrew T. Walker

Rob Reiner’s God & Country documentary is the hit piece you expected it to be.


WORLD Opinions / February 22, 2024

Desecration at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Carl R. Trueman

One obvious question is why an atheist man convinced that he is a woman and committed to a life of prostitution would wish to have a funeral in a church.


First Things / February 22, 2024

Why Protestants Convert To Catholicism

Nathanael Blake

Conversions rarely begin from theological contemplation, but from a sense that Protestantism lacks something Catholicism has.


The Federalist / February 19, 2024

Confronting the reality of age

Brad Littlejohn

It’s not “ageist” to recognize the natural limits that accompany growing old.


WORLD Opinions / February 16, 2024

Leftists Say They Don’t Like Late-Term Abortions But Then Lament They Can’t Kill More Babies…

Nathanael Blake

Support for abortion has atrophied consciences so badly that its backers cheer elective abortions of healthy babies in the third trimester.


The Federalist / February 16, 2024

“He Gets Us” almost, but not quite

Andrew T. Walker

Super Bowl ad frames evangelism leftward, leaving out low-status sinners on the right.


WORLD Opinions / February 15, 2024

Love endures—even more than it emotes

Carl R. Trueman

On Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that real love is clearest in times of suffering.


WORLD Opinions / February 14, 2024

Program Media

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Guilt Grace Gratitude Podcast / December 28, 2023

Brad Littlejohn on Why Protestants Convert to Catholicism

The Aaron Renn Show / December 11, 2023

Nathanael Blake on A Risk Worth Taking

WORLD Radio / November 28, 2023

Carl Trueman: “The Desecration of Man”

First Things / October 31, 2023

Andrew Walker on Baptist Political Theology

Theology for the Church / October 30, 2023

Andrew T. Walker on Christian Nationalism

Christ Over All / October 25, 2023

Brad Littlejohn on Political Authority

Touchstone Conference / October 12, 2023