Evangelicals in Civic Life

EPPC’s Evangelicals in Civic Life program researches the role the evangelical community plays in American politics and public life. This program explores the civic and political activities of evangelicals, taking a look at the broad array of organizations and leaders as well as bringing evangelical leaders together to discuss more effective civic involvement.

The program is directed by EPPC Fellow Andrew Walker, who is joined in his work on the project by EPPC Fellow Carl R. Trueman, EPPC Fellow Brad Littlejohn, and EPPC Postdoctoral Fellow Nathanael Blake.

Program Publications

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The Moral Worldview of Dobbs

Andrew T. Walker

United States Supreme Court exterior

Justice Alito argues that life is worth protecting for its own sake


WORLD Opinions / June 28, 2022

The Queen and the Role of a Christian Monarch

Brad Littlejohn

As the “defender of the faith,” Elizabeth serves as an inspiration to other political leaders


World Opinions / June 28, 2022

Tom Hanks Gets Empathy Wrong

Carl R. Trueman

Yet in declaring that it is inappropriate for a straight actor to play a gay man on screen, Hanks negates the importance of the shared humanity that makes him empathetic in the first place.

First Things / June 23, 2022

A Conservative Revolutionary

Brad Littlejohn

Since no one loves the inherited goods of community, faith, and custom as dearly as the conservative, no one is liable to fight more fiercely when they are under mortal threat.


National Affairs / June 21, 2022

The Culture of Sentimentality

Carl R. Trueman

Sentiment, rather than clear thinking, tends to guide so much of our ethical debate today.


WORLD Opinions / June 21, 2022

The Western Water Crisis and the Mandate of Stewardship

Brad Littlejohn

A call for creative innovation and personal sacrifice


WORLD Opinions / June 16, 2022

How To Talk About Christian Ethics

Andrew T. Walker

For the Christian to persist in the public square, we must not only be prepared to cite the sincerity of our claim, but the sound reasonabless undergirding it as well.


First Things / June 15, 2022

Program Appearances

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VIDEO: Andrew Walker and Brad Littlejohn on a Protestant Political Theology

The London Lyceum / June 6, 2022

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The Gospel Coalition / June 1, 2022

AUDIO: Andrew Walker on Why Christians Should Defend Religious Liberty

Faith Seeking Understanding / May 17, 2022

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“Moment of Truth” podcast / April 25, 2022

AUDIO: Brad Littlejohn on Resisting the Politics of Fear

Family Policy Matters / April 22, 2022

VIDEO: Carl Trueman on his new book, The Strange New World of the Modern Self

Thinking in Public / April 20, 2022

AUDIO: Andrew T. Walker on Defending Everyone’s Religious Freedom in a Pluralistic Age

The Good Citizen Project podcast / February 1, 2022