Technology and Human Flourishing Project

EPPC’s Technology and Human Flourishing Project is dedicated to exploring how technology can both advance and undermine human dignity and human flourishing. It seeks to provide resources to families, policymakers, and civil and religious leaders to help them navigate the promise and peril that modern technology offers. The project partners with scholars and experts as well as industry leaders to better understand the impacts, for good and ill, of our contemporary technological world.

Goals of the project include: 

  • Protecting kids from the harms of social media and restricting the production and dissemination of online pornography, especially to children
  • Empowering parents with knowledge and resources to protect their children from digital dangers
  • Combating Big Tech’s censorship of certain political and religious viewpoints
  • Investigating and addressing social media’s role in facilitating online child sexual exploitation and human trafficking
  • Holding Big Tech companies accountable for illicit and criminal content distributed on their platforms 
  • Advocating for Section 230 reform to end Big Tech’s improper use of the immunities Section 230 currently provides them 
  • Leading conversations and convening key organizations and scholars to thoughtfully and critically evaluate the ways that technology can hinder or support human flourishing and the common good.

EPPC’s Technology and Human Flourishing Project works with members of Congress, state legislators, state attorneys general, and other policy makers and organizations to build a diverse coalition for developing robust policy solutions that will protect children online and hold Big Tech companies accountable for their harms, in order to realign these firms’ incentives to serve the best interests of all Americans. At the same time, it works with scholars, practitioners, parents, religious and other civic leaders to help empower institutions of civil society to better exercise their own control over technology to harness it for good, and prevent it from harm.

EPPC Policy Analyst Clare Morell coordinates the Technology and Human Flourishing Project. Before joining EPPC, Ms. Morell worked as an Advisor to Attorney General Bill Barr. As part of her work for the Attorney General, she helped oversee the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice and served as editor of the Commission’s final report. A major focus of the Commission’s report was the challenges that Big Tech presents to law enforcement for gaining lawful access to crucial intelligence in criminal investigations and in hosting and facilitating criminal activity. Ms. Morell also supported the Attorney General’s work on Section 230 reform as one of his main priorities. 

Raising a Family in the Digital Age: A Technology Guide for Parents

The guide details the real threats and harms that today’s social media platforms and digital technologies pose and equips parents with practical tools and resources to help them best protect their children. We hope this guide will help in navigating the challenges of parenting in today’s digital age by empowering parents with the knowledge and tools they need.

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Clare Morell

If states are to have any chance at reining in Big Tech’s viewpoint censorship, Texas’ law must be upheld.


Newsweek / September 29, 2022

Protecting teens from Big Tech — it’s time for the states to step up

Clare Morell

Teens won’t like it, but it’s time for policymakers to do something about the cause of so much depression and anxiety in young Americans.


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Protecting Teens from Big Tech: Five Policy Ideas for States

Clare Morell

While waiting for Congress to pass better legislation to protect children online, states can take action now to protect children online and empower parents.


Conservatives and Big Tech: The Return of the Republican Tradition

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The growing bipartisan agreement on harms to kids seems durable and is likely the most viable bipartisan path forward in the near term for Congress on Big Tech.


American Affairs / August 22, 2022

Don’t Let the World Disciple Your Children

Clare Morell

Christian parents should say no to social media and smartphones.


WORLD Opinions / August 19, 2022

If You Don’t Get A Grip On Your Kids’ Social Media, Trans Activists Will

Clare Morell

Parents need to regulate their children’s online use as transgender influencers continue to thrive on social media apps like Tik Tok.


The Federalist / August 2, 2022

Parents, Are You Prepared for the Digital Dangers Your Kids Face?

Clare Morell

Given the reality of online life, the EPPC’s guide is designed to provide practical steps toward protecting our children.


National Review / July 12, 2022