HHS Accountability Project

EPPC’s HHS Accountability Project is dedicated to monitoring the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and holding it accountable to its mission: furthering the health and well-being of all Americans. HHS is the largest federal agency by budget, and its programs and activities directly touch more lives than any other government bureaucracy. But the proper pursuit of its mission depends on an authentic understanding of the human person and a sound understanding of the legal protections to which Americans are entitled. The HHS Accountability Project’s goals include:

  • Ensuring human beings are recognized as worthy of protection from conception until natural death regardless of disability, age, or circumstances of birth.
  • Ensuring abortion and assisted suicide are never accepted or recognized as health care.
  • Preventing ideology from distorting science on questions of human identity and human flourishing.
  • Respecting conscience and religious freedom of health and human services providers and beneficiaries alike.

EPPC Senior Fellow Roger Severino, EPPC Fellow David Gortler, and EPPC Fellow Rachel N. Morrison serve in the HHS Accountability Project.

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Program Publications

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Biden Education Department’s Fake Punt on Women’s Sports

Rachel N. Morrison

Nowhere do the proposed regulations explicitly state that participation in sex-specific sports must (or may) be based on biological sex


Newsweek / August 9, 2022

EPPC Scholars Meet with Federal Officials to Oppose Changes to Religious and Moral Exemptions to…

Rachel N. Morrison

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, EPPC Fellow Rachel N. Morrison and Senior Fellow Roger Severino met with federal government officials…


/ August 4, 2022

Department of Education Proposes Title IX Rule with Opportunity for Public Comment

Rachel N. Morrison

In line with the Biden administration’s equity and gender identity policy priorities, the Department of Education (ED) has proposed new regulations on Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination in federally funded educational programs and activities.


The Federalist Society Blog / July 26, 2022

EPPC Scholar Meets with Federal Officials to Discuss Concerns over Anticipated Regulations for Faith-Based Organizations

Rachel N. Morrison

On Friday, July 15, 2022, EPPC Fellow Rachel N. Morrison met with federal government officials to discuss concerns over an…


Biden’s FDA Supports Vaccinating America’s Infants While his CDC Selectively Ignores Risks From Illegal Immigrants

David Gortler

While the FDA pushes vaccines on all age groups—claiming that a dire COVID-19 public health emergency still exists—the White House appears perfectly comfortable with the CDC’s April 1 decision to terminate a public health authority meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19 across our borders.


Newsweek / July 15, 2022

The Biden Administration’s Post-Dobbs, Post-Roe Response

Rachel N. Morrison

The White House, HHS, DOJ, and other federal agencies have been issuing statements and policy positions under existing law at a steady pace.


The Federalist Society / July 14, 2022

EPPC Files Brief in Support of Alabama Law Protecting Children from Harmful Transitioning Treatments

Rachel N. Morrison

The brief explains that there is no medical consensus regarding an authoritative standard of care for gender dysphoria or transitioning treatments and that such treatments can lead to serious harms, especially for children.