HHS Accountability Project

EPPC’s HHS Accountability Project is dedicated to monitoring the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and holding it accountable to its mission: furthering the health and well-being of all Americans. HHS is the largest federal agency by budget, and its programs and activities directly touch more lives than any other government bureaucracy. But the proper pursuit of its mission depends on an authentic understanding of the human person and a sound understanding of the legal protections to which Americans are entitled. The HHS Accountability Project’s goals include:

  • Ensuring human beings are recognized as worthy of protection from conception until natural death regardless of disability, age, or circumstances of birth.
  • Ensuring abortion and assisted suicide are never accepted or recognized as health care.
  • Preventing ideology from distorting science on questions of human identity and human flourishing.
  • Respecting conscience and religious freedom of health and human services providers and beneficiaries alike.

EPPC Senior Fellow Roger Severino, EPPC Fellow David Gortler, and EPPC Fellow Rachel N. Morrison serve in the HHS Accountability Project.

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Program Publications

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Biden DOJ Letter Pushes Transgender Misinformation and Implies Gender Dysphoria Is a Disability

Rachel N. Morrison

The very treatments pushed by the Biden administration as harmless and routine are, in fact, experimental and progressively sterilizing and irreversible.


National Review Online / May 16, 2022

How to Battle Biden’s Regulatory Leviathan and Win (Even on LGBT Issues)

Roger Severino

It seems like every other week, a new gender-identity announcement has come out of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


National Review Online / May 3, 2022

Sin, Original Sin, Original Antigenic Sin and COVID-19 Natural Immunity

David Gortler

While being secretive and non-transparent about vaccine data but simultaneously accusing Americans for not “following the science,” the NIH, CDC, FDA and Biden administration ignored medical science.


The Christian Post / May 2, 2022

Gender Identity Policy Under the Biden Administration

Rachel N. Morrison

With the Equality Act facing difficult odds in the Senate, the Biden administration has imposed its gender identity policies through its regulatory and enforcement powers. These policies largely ignore competing interests or rights of women, children, and religious organizations and persons.


EPPC Scholars Meet with Federal Officials to Discuss Concerns over Proposed Transgender Treatment Mandate for Veterans

Mary Rice Hasson

EPPC Kate O’Beirne Senior Fellow Mary Rice Hasson and Fellow Rachel N. Morrison met with federal government officials to discuss concerns over a proposal by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) to remove the current exclusion for “gender alterations” from its medical benefits package. The scholars objected to the VA’s characterization that such care is “medically necessary” and that it is “consistent with medical industry standards.”



EPPC Scholars Explain to HHS How Federal Government Promoted COVID-19 Health Misinformation

Rachel N. Morrison

EPPC HHS Accountability Project Fellows Dr. David Gortler and Rachel N. Morrison submitted comment in response to a request for information by the Department of Health and Human Services on the impact and prevalence of “health misinformation” during the COVID-19 pandemic.



America’s Reliance on China for Pharmaceuticals Could Result in Ukraine-Like Drug Shortages

David Gortler

Americans who think that critical drug-supply shortages could never happen here should think again.


Issues & Insights / April 12, 2022