Richard John Neuhaus Fellowship

Co-hosted with Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), the Richard John Neuhaus Fellowship is a graduate-level program in Washington, D.C. that explores the Judeo-Christian tradition and its role in shaping public policy and the mediating institutions of civil society. The fellowship will begin with an overview of Fr. Neuhaus’s enduring legacy; explore the connection of that legacy to current debates over cultural and social issues; and consider opportunities and strategies for advancing the Judeo-Christian tradition in a variety of areas in public life such as constitutional governance, religious freedom, family policy, labor reform, industrial policy, technology, bioethics, and more.

Seminars will offer fellows the opportunity to hear from leading academics from the Ethics and Public Policy Center, headlined by EPPC president Ryan T. Anderson, among other policy makers and thought leaders.

The fellowship will run from September through June and include 10 Tuesday evening seminars and a weekend retreat.

Ideal Candidates

The Richard John Neuhaus Fellowship seeks a first-rate cohort of highly committed and driven young professionals (0–5 years of experience). Fellows must be able to attend in-person programming in Washington, D.C. This program is ideal for those working in government, journalism, think tanks, or other policy-relevant institutions. Successful candidates will have a professional interest in the cultural and political life of the United States.

Applications are open until July 8, 2024.

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