About EPPC

Founded in 1976 by Dr. Ernest W. Lefever, the Ethics and Public Policy Center is Washington, D.C.’s premier institute dedicated to applying the Judeo-Christian moral tradition to critical issues of public policy. From the Cold War to the war on terrorism, from disputes over the role of religion in public life to battles over the nature of the family, EPPC and its scholars have consistently sought to defend and promote our nation’s founding principles—respect for the inherent dignity of the human person, individual freedom and responsibility, justice, the rule of law, and limited government.

“The Ethics and Public Policy Center is a wonderful resource for creative and savvy policy proposals that are faithful to America’s founding principles. I regularly draw on the broad-ranging expertise of EPPC scholars.”

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House

EPPC is unique among Washington think tanks in its ability to develop and promote these ethical imperatives:


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We deal openly and explicitly with religious and moral issues in addressing contemporary issues. We work to clarify the ways in which moral principles shape the choices that political leaders must make in our democracy.

We are genuinely ecumenical and interreligious. Our Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars probe the riches of their own traditions, forge alliances within their communities, and work together to promote a shared understanding of the common good.

Our outstanding scholars write books that are widely read, publish articles in the popular press and in scholarly journals, and appear frequently on television and radio. We have close working relationships with key public-policy leaders in the nation’s capital and across the country.

Our reputation for excellence has been built up over four decades.

Through its core programs, EPPC and its scholars work to influence policymakers and to transform the culture through the world of ideas.


What Others Are Saying About EPPC:


“The Ethics and Public Policy Center manages to demonstrate again and again the importance
of ethical and theological thought in our debates … and that’s an invaluable
contribution that just about no one else carries off.”

Charles Krauthammer


“Within every wise public policy there is a hard kernel of ethical understanding. The Ethics and Public Policy Center helps keep Washington conscious of and conscientious about the kernels.”

George F. Will


“EPPC is a pillar of moral seriousness and a beacon of moral clarity. Through its conferences and publications, it offers indispensable and profound analyses of the most important moral and political issues of our time—from matters of war and peace to the challenges technology raises for human freedom and dignity. It is a uniquely valuable institution.”

Leon R. Kass


“No other organization in Washington does as good a job at getting journalists to think about religion, ethics, and the deeper issues that shape politics and world affairs.”

David Brooks


“The Ethics and Public Policy Center plays a crucial role as a center from which radiate first-rate ideas and critiques concerning political, social, and individual morality.”

Irving Kristol


“EPPC has done yeoman work in bringing together people of different voices and views to discuss the cultural and religious issues that are so important in our public life and central to our politics.”

Michael Barone