Aaron Kheriaty


Aaron Kheriaty, MD, is a Fellow & Director of the Program in Bioethics and American Democracy at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He is a physician specializing in psychiatry and author of three books, including most recently, The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State (2022).


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Dr. Kheriaty also serves as Senior Scholar and Fellow at the Brownstone Institute, Senior Fellow at the Zephyr Institute, Chief of Medical Ethics at The Unity Project, Scholar at the Paul Ramsey Institute, Fellow at the National Catholic Bioethics Center, and he serves on the advisory board at the Simone Weil Center for Political Philosophy.

Dr. Kheriaty graduated from the University of Notre Dame in philosophy and pre-medical sciences, earned his MD degree from Georgetown University, and completed residency training in psychiatry at the University of California Irvine. For many years he was Professor of Psychiatry at UCI School of Medicine and Director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health, where he chaired the ethics committee. He also chaired the ethics committee at the California Department of State Hospitals for several years.

Dr. Kheriaty has authored books and articles for professional and lay audiences on bioethics, public health, political theory, social science, psychiatry, philosophy, religion, and culture. His work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Newsweek, The Federalist, Compact, The New Atlantis, Public Discourse, City Journal, and First Things. He has conducted print, radio, and television interviews on bioethics topics with The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NPR, EWTN, and Epoch TV.

On matters of public policy and healthcare he has addressed the California Medical Association and has testified before the California Senate Health Committee and the United States Senate. Dr. Kheriaty has consulted on Covid related ethical issues during the pandemic for the University of California Office of the President, the County of Orange Healthcare Agency, and the California Department of Public Health.

You can follow him on Twitter at @akheriaty and subscribe to his newsletter at AaronKheriaty.Substack.com

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The Closing of the Internet Mind

Aaron Kheriaty

The definition of online freedom has been depressingly constricted over the last thirty years.


The American Mind / May 22, 2024

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Denying a universal shared rationality marks modern anti-fascists as the very thing they claim to fight.


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The government’s relationship with social media is not analogous to government interactions with print media.


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Rights articulated in law are necessary even when the sovereign is a man of good will.

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The Politics of Disdain

Aaron Kheriaty

Elites and institutions originated our polarized political climate, and the dynamic is not likely to change anytime soon.

City Journal / October 20, 2023

The White House’s ‘Misinformation’ Pressure Campaign Was Unconstitutional

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The government can say whatever it wants publicly; it just cannot stop other Americans from saying something else.

Newsweek / September 26, 2023

The Brilliant Legal Mind of John Sauer

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This struggle over federal censorship reflects two competing visions of freedom in America.

The Epoch Times / August 24, 2023

Beheading Leviathan

Aaron Kheriaty

Curbing censorship will require a full-scale assault on the surveillance state.

The American Mind / August 23, 2023

The Censorship Empire Strikes Back After Missouri v. Biden Free Speech Victory

Aaron Kheriaty

Recent ‘analysis’ frames Missouri v. Biden in entirely partisan terms, revealing an inadequate understanding of First Amendment guarantees.

The Federalist / July 12, 2023

BOOM: Yesterday In Court We Landed a Major Blow Against the Censorship Leviathan

Aaron Kheriaty

On Independence Day (fittingly), the court granted our petition in Missouri v. Biden for a temporary injunction against the government censors.


Human Flourishing / July 5, 2023

Rebellion, Not Retreat

Aaron Kheriaty

Blueprints for flourishing in the midst of a decaying civilization.


The American Mind / June 27, 2023

Slaying the Censorship Leviathan

Aaron Kheriaty

While much of the press cooperated with the state’s censorship efforts and has ignored our court battle, we expect that it will ultimately go to the Supreme Court, setting up Missouri v. Biden to be the most important free speech case of our generation—and arguably, of the past 50 years.


Tablet Magazine / June 4, 2023