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Conservatives often talk policy and principles while progressives tend to focus on narratives. Deeper personal narratives help drive and shape politics in ways that we should not underestimate, nor should we cede this ground. EPPC’s Theology of Home Project proactively advances an ordered vision of home and family by expanding into broader methods of engaging women such as developing retreats and workshops, hosting a podcast with advice and analysis, and growing and expanding daily engagement through their online magazine. All of these efforts are aimed at assisting and inspiring women (and men) in the vitally important work of home and family. We are well past the days of being able to rely on the culture for much of any help. In fact, much of the messaging children receive is aimed at dismantling our efforts in the home. We aim to advise and equip women and men so that they can form the future, knowing that effective and formidable formation in the home is deeply connected to our ability to identify, pursue, and advocate for the good in society.

Led by EPPC Fellows Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering, the Theology of Home Project focuses on equipping biblically orthodox Americans in living out the faith under the challenging new circumstances of twenty-first century America.

Gress and Mering are the co-authors of Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday and Theology of Home II: The Spiritual Art of Homemaking. The duo has also developed the online women’s magazine, a site devoted to exploring the far-reaching interests, from lifestyle to faith, of women today.

At EPPC they look carefully at the important role the home plays in life, culture, and public policy. With the advent of radical feminism, the home has been denigrated at the expense of the family, the basic cell of civilization. And while efforts have been made to restore the culture, little progress will be made without a restoration of the home. For fifty years the importance of home has been ignored, diminished, and even attacked or ridiculed. Yet what it signifies speaks to a universal human longing and a vital piece for us to reclaim.

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Try a Little Tenderness

Noelle Mering

A subversive message for Mother’s Day


The American Mind / May 10, 2022

Second-Wave Feminists Pushed the Sexual Revolution to End America, and It’s Working

Carrie Gress

That pseudo-litany chanted by the 12 women in the upper room has been heard, felt, and suffered by all the world as the family has been destroyed, replaced by a population of noble narcissists.


The Federalist / April 19, 2022

Dear Science: What If Kids Need Their Moms?

Noelle Mering

Maybe there’s a better way to educate kids than universal pre-kindergarten, but secular education science is having a hard time discovering it


Catholic Answers / February 23, 2022

The Two Commandments of Tyranny

Noelle Mering

When the official narrative you are not allowed to question is later admitted to be not only false but unjust and deleterious then we should start approaching the current official narratives with more skepticism.


The Catholic World Report / February 9, 2022

INTERVIEW: Noelle Mering: “Suppression of dissenting voices is a feature, not a bug…”

Noelle Mering

EPPC Fellow Noelle Mering, author of Awake, Not Woke, talks with the Catholic World Report about the woke movement and Critical Race Theory.


The Catholic World Report / January 7, 2022

Not My Kids

Noelle Mering

Recovering victims of woke abuse have had enough.


The American Mind / December 3, 2021

Above Us Only Sky: How Ideology Manipulates Reality & Reverence as the Remedy

Noelle Mering

To see reality as it is, we must start with the hardest reality to face of all—that of sincerely seeing ourselves.


Religion & Liberty / November 10, 2021

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