Giving Thanks for Mike Pence at Thanksgiving

George Weigel

This man of Christian faith and conscience stood between the United States and an unprecedented constitutional crisis on January 6, 2021


Syndicated Column / November 23, 2022

The Stubborn Persistence of Conservative Religion in American Public Life

Brad Littlejohn

Hollinger lionizes the mainline Protestant elites of earlier generations as prophets of tolerance and global concord, while warning of the mindless and exclu­sionary faith of their evangelical supplanters.


American Affairs Journal / November 22, 2022

The Midterms Showed How the Pro-Life Movement Can Win

Alexandra DeSanctis

Life can be a winning issue, no matter what abortion activists and the media argue.


National Review / November 22, 2022

Never surrender, never abandon the field of battle

Andrew T. Walker

The fight for marriage calls for endurance beyond politics.


WORLD Opinions / November 22, 2022

How this climate change fund could fuel populism in richer nations

Henry Olsen

Doubling down on climate policy means risking a voter backlash at home they might not survive politically.


The Washington Post / November 21, 2022

Defending marriage: Will Senate Republicans display courage and uphold truth?

Ryan T. Anderson

The Senate “Respect for Marriage Act” pays lip service to religious liberty and conscience rights.


FOX News / November 21, 2022

The Missing Link in American History

Stanley Kurtz

The square, boring, long-overlooked 19th century Midwest turns out to be the missing link in American history.


National Review Online / November 21, 2022

Why Rick Scott’s Senate GOP leadership loss is so important

Patrick T. Brown

The younger voices are right to look for a leader who can tell America not just what the Republican Party is against, but what it is for.


CNN / November 21, 2022

The Materialist Magicians of Transgenderism

Nathanael Blake

The claims of the transgender ideologues are both dangerous and untrue.


WORLD Opinions / November 18, 2022

The Rise of the Hospitalist

Devorah Goldman

Who does your doctor work for?


Side Effects / November 17, 2022

Props for Biden’s Masterful Ukraine Policy

Henry Olsen

It appears that Biden has reinvigorated NATO and brought the Europeans closer to our views on China.


The Washington Post / November 17, 2022

Pastor, Don’t Underestimate Your Influence

Andrew T. Walker

It’s greater than you can see, and your role is vital.


WORLD Opinions / November 17, 2022