Gun Rights Advocates Do Themselves No Favors By Not Addressing Gun Violence

Henry Olsen

You’re either at the table or you’re on the menu.


Washington Post / May 17, 2022

Promises Must Be Kept

Brad Littlejohn

What Henry Cabot Lodge can teach us about our failure in Ukraine.


The American Conservative / May 16, 2022

After Roe v. Wade and Dobbs v. Jackson

Erika Bachiochi

As pro-life advocates and legislators consider how they ought to proceed in the post-Roe era, they should heed the wisdom of the early feminists who, as champions of both women and their dependent children, understood the power – and limits – of the law to effect real change.


Plough / May 16, 2022

Biden DOJ Letter Pushes Transgender Misinformation and Implies Gender Dysphoria Is a Disability

Rachel N. Morrison

The very treatments pushed by the Biden administration as harmless and routine are, in fact, experimental and progressively sterilizing and irreversible.


National Review Online / May 16, 2022

What a Serious Republican Plan to Address Inflation Could Look Like

Henry Olsen

The GOP should think outside the box and embrace populist conservatism.


Washington Post / May 12, 2022

Pro-Life, Post-Roe

Alexandra DeSanctis

In addition to protecting unborn children under law, the pro-life movement must redouble its efforts to help expectant mothers in need, particularly as states move to regulate abortion.


National Review / May 12, 2022

Ohio’s Senate Primary and the Future of the GOP

Brad Littlejohn

Which variety of “Trumpism” will gain the most influence?


WORLD Opinons / May 12, 2022

Running Towards Gomorrah

Carl R. Trueman

Sojourners’ endorsement of secular sexual morality


WORLD Opinions / May 12, 2022

Why Pro-Abortion Activists Desecrate Churches

Carl R. Trueman

While threats to disrupt worship en masse and even burn the sacramental elements seem to be overblown so far, the backlash against religion is surely a sign of the times.


First Things / May 12, 2022

A New Patron Saint for Catholic Journalism

George Weigel

As of May 15, Catholic journalists around the world will be able to count one of their number among the saints, as Titus Brandsma, a Dutch Carmelite killed at the Dachau concentration camp in 1942, is canonized in St. Peter’s Square.


Syndicated Column / May 12, 2022

The Ends Do Not Justify the Mobs

Andrew T. Walker

Supreme Court Justices are to be respected, not intimidated. We can only hope that they are being given the necessary security to protect themselves and their families.


Newsweek / May 12, 2022

Liz Scheier on Loving Liars

Devorah Goldman

Liz Scheier’s memoir tells of navigating the extreme emotional turbulence of life as the child of a dishonest parent. Though she is fascinated by deceit and believes we are naturally drawn to liars, her own story explains how she built a new life based on trust, forgiveness, and enduring love.


Public Discourse / May 12, 2022