Why Preaching Is Central to Priesthood

Carl R. Trueman

John Chrysostom’s greatest lesson for the church today is arguably the importance he ascribes to the preached Word in his account of the priesthood and in his own ministry.


First Things / January 20, 2022

Biden’s ‘Minor Incursion’ Remark Was More Than Just a Gaffe. It Revealed a Weak President.

Henry Olsen

President Biden’s news conference on Wednesday was a microcosm of the reasons his presidency is on life support. Nothing better demonstrates that than his statement that the United States might tolerate a Russian “minor incursion” into Ukraine.


/ January 20, 2022

What’s Happening on the Left Is No Excuse for What’s Happening on the Right

Peter Wehner

To regard the radical left as a reason to excuse, minimize or ignore the malign movement on the right is an abrogation of conservative duty and principle.


The New York Times / January 20, 2022

The Pro-Life Movement Is Profoundly American

Alexandra DeSanctis

The fight for life is the most recent effort to ensure that our country abides by the solemn words of the Declaration of Independence.


National Review Online / January 19, 2022

Marching Toward a Different Future

George Weigel

The annual March for Life in Washington began in 1974—and it’s hard to think of a more admirable or consistent public witness to the dignity of the human person being given for so many years by so many people of all races, religions, and social classes.


Syndicated Column / January 19, 2022

INTERVIEW: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty Discusses COVID-19, Vaccine Mandates and His Dismissal From UC-Irvine

Aaron Kheriaty

EPPC Fellow Aaron Kheriaty, a Catholic psychiatrist and ethicist who was fired last month from the University of California-Irvine School of Medicine, explains why he made a principled stand in opposition to mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.


National Catholic Register / January 18, 2022

Opioids and the Unattached Male

Patrick T. Brown

Policymakers should understand that the drug-overdose crisis is a crisis of single men.


City Journal / January 18, 2022

Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing

Ryan T. Anderson

Announcing a new book equipping readers for the next chapter of the pro-life movement.


National Review / January 18, 2022

Are Republicans Becoming the Country’s Majority Party?

Henry Olsen

Tantalizing new polling data from Gallup could just be a blip, or it could be an early sign of an upheaval that would transform American politics.


The Washington Post / January 18, 2022

Memory, History, and Hope

Francis X. Maier

Today’s distressing turmoil in the world and discord in the Church are hardly new. They’re part of humanity’s fallen nature and – unavoidably – our normal pastoral terrain.


The Catholic Thing / January 18, 2022

Glenn Youngkin’s Excellent Inaugural Address

Alexandra DeSanctis

New Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s inaugural address hit all the right notes.


National Review Online / January 15, 2022

Glenn Youngkin Is a Republican Star. He’ll Need to Be Bold to Remain One.

Henry Olsen

Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin became an instant national figure with his stunning gubernatorial victory in November. Keeping that stature will require him to be much bolder than the typical GOP governor.


The Washington Post / January 14, 2022