Texas Program Offers Real Alternatives to Abortion

Mary FioRito

Pro-life centers and charities that serve pregnant women will need to prepare themselves, yet not be deterred from their work. Lives—and the truth—are at stake.


Newsweek / September 20, 2021

Are Women Still Human?

Carl R. Trueman

The issue of abortion cannot be reduced to the narrow question of the status of the child in the womb. The answers rest upon broader assumptions about what it means to be human.


Public Discourse / September 19, 2021

Who Has Been Politicizing the HHS Office for Civil Rights?

Roger Severino

Under HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, and under the day-to-day direction of a political appointee, the HHS Office for Civil Rights has lost its way and is being politicized beyond all recognition.


National Review Online / September 18, 2021

DOJ Swings Back at Texas, and Whiffs

Roger Severino

The Department of Justice’s lawsuit challenging the Texas Heartbeat Act is so riddled with holes that it will likely lose at the Supreme Court just as Planned Parenthood’s suit did.


Newsweek / September 16, 2021

How Sex Trafficking Funds the Taliban and Terrorism

Clare Morell

There is a critical intersection between human trafficking and illicit finance.


Washington Times / September 16, 2021

The Apocalypse of the Modern Self

Carl R. Trueman

The tragedy of the modern self is that it is the wrong answer to the right question: How can I be free and yet belong?


Humanum / September 16, 2021

Anthropology as Atonement

Algis Valiunas

It is not so much respect for the primitive “other” as it is loathing for one’s own oppressive, grasping modernity that lies behind the doctrine of cultural relativism.


The World’s Populists Are Ascendant

Henry Olsen

Norway’s election on Monday begins a two-month collection of votes around the globe that will tell us a lot about public opinion a year-and-a-half into the pandemic. Though each country is different, the patterns are already clear: The traditional right is down, while the far left and populism are on the rise.


The Washington Post / September 15, 2021

White House Mandates Pfizer Vaccines for Millions of Citizens … Before the FDA Clinical or…

David Gortler

Americans are entitled to make informed decisions, and the FDA should disclose its safety and efficacy reviews of Covid-19 vaccines for all to see.


Forbes / September 15, 2021

A Bold Catholic Investment in Inner-City Education

George Weigel

It’s a safe bet that “Mother Mary Lange” is not a household name in most U.S. Catholic circles. That unhappy state of affairs may change, though, thanks to a courageous initiative now underway in Baltimore, one of America’s most troubled cities.


Syndicated Column / September 15, 2021

On Regulating Social-Media Platforms, Follow Texas, Not Florida

Clare Morell

For all its strengths — especially its legal defensibility in court — Texas’s social-media law should be applauded and replicated. Indeed, it’s high time that other states around the nation go forth and follow.


National Review Online / September 15, 2021

Why Working-Class Parents Don’t Buy What D.C. Is Selling

Patrick T. Brown

If politicians want expanded child benefits to stick, they need to listen to the families that will benefit most.


The New York Times / September 14, 2021