Erasing Females in Language and Law

Mary Rice Hasson

The Equality Act and gender ideology privilege “gender identity” claims over the sex-based rights of females and thereby lead to erasing females, destroying the difference that grounds the idea of woman and women’s rights.


Early Claims for Joint Property

Erika Bachiochi

In this excerpt adapted from her book The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision, EPPC Fellow Erika Bachiochi writes about women’s early joint property rights claims and the value of the work of the home, tracing Mary Wollstonecraft’s argument that such work affords the character development men, women, and children need for true success in the public sphere, which provides a renewed rationale for family policy today.


Rome Remembers

Stephen P. White

Rome remembers her martyrs, and what an astonishing place to be allowed to join in that remembrance. I am filled with a pilgrim’s gratitude.


The Catholic Thing / October 21, 2021

The Church Among the Deathworks

Carl R. Trueman

Long ago, Nietzsche’s Madman asked the rhetorical question, “What after all are these churches now if they are not the tombs and sepulchers of God?” Sadly, it seems that too many of the gravediggers these days are members of the clergy.


First Things / October 21, 2021

Pope Francis, “Estranged” Catholics, and Holy Communion

George Weigel

To receive the Eucharist is more than an expression of personal piety. It is a statement of one’s full communion with the Church. Making that clear, by instruction if possible and disciplinary action if necessary, is a pastoral obligation.


Syndicated Column / October 20, 2021

The Case for Overturning Roe

Carter Snead

The story of American abortion jurisprudence is a tortured narrative of failed attempts to rationalize the invention of a near-absolute right to abortion that undermines the ability of Americans to govern themselves in some crucial domains of life.


What Republicans Should Learn from Glenn Youngkin

Henry Olsen

Republicans are salivating over the chance that businessman Glenn Youngkin can win the Virginia’s governor race. They should also be salivating over the campaign platform and messaging that’s making his potential upset possible.


The Washington Post / October 20, 2021

Unpaid Suspension from the University

Aaron Kheriaty

EPPC Fellow Dr. Aaron Kheriaty details the latest turn in his conflict with the University of California over its vaccine mandate.


Substack / October 20, 2021

Self-Love and the Subversion of the Family

Carl R. Trueman

There can be few things that indicate what a society thinks about the purpose of being human more eloquently than its views on marriage.


World Magazine / October 20, 2021

Yes, Abortion And Transgenderism Do Have Lots In Common

Nathanael Blake

Abortion and transgender ideology are indeed connected, for they are two fronts in our culture’s war of liberation against our bodies.


The Federalist / October 19, 2021

EPPC Scholars Meet with Federal Officials to Discuss Concerns Over OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Rule

Rachel N. Morrison

EPPC Policy Analyst Rachel N. Morrison and EPPC Senior Fellow Roger Severino met with federal government officials to discuss concerns over OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard Rulemaking.



Why Have Biden’s Approval Ratings Plummeted? Look to His Spending Agenda.

Henry Olsen

A recent Gallup poll shows how hard it’s going to be for Democrats to make progress on their huge domestic spending bill—and why going small best serves their political interests.


The Washington Post / October 18, 2021