Person and Identity Project

The mission of EPPC’s Person and Identity Project (PIP) is to assist the Catholic Church in promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology. Gender ideology has permeated the culture with stunning speed, influencing medicine, business, media, entertainment, government, and education. Because it is sowing confusion and undermining the Church’s mission of evangelization, the rise of gender ideology has created an urgent need for clarity, education, and compassionate guidance for Catholic families and young people. The Person and Identity Project is committed to assisting the Church in meeting these needs. PIP is a collaborative effort, coordinated by a leadership team that has decades of individual experiences in education, seminary formation, non-profit leadership, and apostolic service. 

Through shared expertise and practical resources, the Person and Identity Project seeks to:

  • Educate Catholic clergy, teachers, ministry teams, and parents about the truth of the human person, the harmful impact of gender ideology, and ways to convey this information to others.
  • Engage in partnerships with Catholic dioceses, schools, and youth, young adult, and family life ministries and other apostolates, providing expertise and free, specialized resources on Christian anthropology and gender ideology.
  • Equip Catholic frontline evangelists, such as clergy, teachers, parents, and youth, young adult and family life ministers with facts, resources, and tools to promote Catholic anthropology and counter gender ideology.

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The Person and Identity Project, which began in 2016 as the Catholic Women’s Forum Gender Project, is an initiative of the Catholic Women’s Forum at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and is funded in part through the generosity of the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.