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Published December 23, 2021

WORLD Opinions

I do not believe that popular public intellectual and psychologist Jordan Peterson is a Christian, nor has he identified as a believer. Indeed, as the Canadian intellectual skyrocketed to fame, he spoke of Christianity only as an outsider. In his more recent work, however, it is apparent that Peterson is God-haunted. He’s a spiritualist who attempts to ground morality and ethics in the confluence of evolutionary theory, myth, and psychology.

But, more recently, he has been remarkably respectful of Christianity. One does not see in Peterson the cynicism and wrath that typifies the New Atheists. He’s made statements that suggest, ironically, he understands the cosmological and existential gravity of Jesus Christ better than some Christians.

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Andrew T. Walker is the managing editor of WORLD Opinions and serves as associate professor of Christian ethics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also a fellow with The Ethics and Public Policy Center. He resides with his family in Louisville, Ky.

EPPC Fellow Andrew T. Walker, Ph.D., researches and writes about the intersection of Christian ethics, public theology, and the moral principles that support civil society and sound government. A sought-after speaker and cultural commentator, Dr. Walker’s academic research interests and areas of expertise include natural law, human dignity, family stability, social conservatism, and church-state studies. The author or editor of more than ten books, he is passionate about helping Christians understand the moral demands of the gospel and their contributions to human flourishing and the common good. His most recent book, out in May 2021 from Brazos Press, is titled Liberty for All: Defending Everyone’s Religious Freedom in a Secular Age.

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