Criticize Harrison Butker all you want. Homemaking is back.

Carrie Gress

The shift away from hostility to motherhood isn’t just in what women are saying but also in what women are doing.


Washington Examiner / May 18, 2024

The Single Christian

Alexandra DeSanctis

A plague of loneliness is to be found in more than just the broader, secular culture.


Religion & Liberty Online / May 17, 2024

How Pop Nietzscheanism Masquerades as Christianity

Carl R. Trueman

The Church needs to remain faithful to her appointed task and not become simply an arm of those vying for political power. 


First Things / May 16, 2024

No, it’s still not right

Andrew T. Walker

Twenty years later, you still cannot redefine marriage.


WORLD Opinions / May 15, 2024

Of memory and iPads

Nathanael Blake

A digital device is a poor memento mori.


WORLD Opinions / May 15, 2024

Unity in What?

George Weigel

There can be no bracketing of moral issues in a genuine dialogue about recomposing Christian unity.


Syndicated Column / May 15, 2024

Stop Greenlighting High-School Walkouts

Stanley Kurtz

Excusing students from school for the sake of protest forces schools to favor some political causes over others.


National Review Online / May 14, 2024

The Latent Fascism of Today’s Anti-Fascists

Aaron Kheriaty

Denying a universal shared rationality marks modern anti-fascists as the very thing they claim to fight.


Brownstone Institute / May 10, 2024

Policing our own ranks

Brad Littlejohn

Anti-Semitism is not just a problem on the left.


WORLD Opinions / May 9, 2024

Methodists Keep Up With the Times

Carl R. Trueman

The UMC opts for the secular culture’s take on sex over traditional Christian orthodoxy.


Wall Street Journal / May 9, 2024

What Makes America Family Unfriendly? A Q&A with Tim Carney

Patrick T. Brown

“If you hold individual autonomy as the highest good, you’ll be averse to family for many reasons.”


Public Discourse / May 9, 2024

Being ‘Triggered’ By Mother’s Day Proves The Irreplaceable Role Of Moms

Carrie Gress

We are watching the self-inflicted wounds of a culture that has been trying to erase motherhood for five decades, and the results are not pretty.


The Federalist / May 9, 2024