Big Tech Project

EPPC’s Big Tech Project is dedicated to advancing policy solutions that will hold Big Tech companies accountable for their practices and actions against the interests of the American public. The Project’s primary focus is ending Big Tech’s censorship of conservative voices and speech. Related goals of the project include: 

  • Holding Big Tech companies accountable for illicit and criminal content hosted on their platforms 
  • Highlighting Big Tech companies’ abuses of their market power and potential violations of antitrust law 
  • Advocating Section 230 reform to end Big Tech’s improper use of the immunities Section 230 currently provides them  
  • Exposing the harmful effects that Big Tech’s products and services are having on America’s children 

Big Tech cannot be trusted to regulate itself any longer. EPPC’s Big Tech Project will work with executive-branch officials, members of Congress, and state attorneys general to build a diverse coalition for holding Big Tech companies accountable and developing policy solutions that realign their incentives with the best interests of all Americans. 

EPPC Policy Analyst Clare Morell coordinates the Big Tech Project. Before joining EPPC, Ms. Morell worked as an Advisor to Attorney General Bill Barr. As part of her work for the Attorney General, she helped oversee the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice and served as editor of the Commission’s final report. A major focus of the Commission’s report was the challenges that Big Tech presents to law enforcement for gaining lawful access to crucial intelligence in criminal investigations and in hosting and facilitating criminal activity. Ms. Morell also supported the Attorney General’s work on Section 230 reform as one of his main priorities. 

Reports from EPPC and Center for Renewing America on Restricting Children’s Access to Pornography

What Congress Can Do to Restrict Children’s Access to Pornography

What States Can Do to Restrict Children’s Access to Pornography

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How Digital Media Helped Shape the “Modern Self”

Clare Morell

Are Big Tech and social media entirely to blame for the triumphs of the erotic, the therapeutic, and the transgender? Of course not. But there is no question the dominant social media companies have seriously contributed to these trends.


Public Discourse / April 11, 2022

Babylon Bee Censorship Shows Why Fifth Circuit Should Uphold Texas’ Social Media Law

Clare Morell

Taking a stand against Big Tech censorship, the state of Texas passed an anti-discrimination social media law (HB 20) last September. It seeks to limit Big Tech companies’ power to silence viewpoints they don’t like.


The Federalist / March 24, 2022

Social Media Is Designed to Divide Churches—So What Do We Do?

Clare Morell

There’s no going back to an age before technology. But we must constantly assess our stewardship.


9Marks / March 21, 2022

Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids from Social-Media Harms

Clare Morell

A law designed before even MySpace came on the scene is simply inadequate for the TikTok era.


National Review / February 24, 2022

What States Can Do to Combat Big Tech to Protect Children

Clare Morell

These approaches offer states a viable path forward for taking effective action now to hold Big Tech accountable for its egregious harms against children and families.


Institute for Family Studies / February 17, 2022

Don’t Just Say Motherhood Matters, Prove It With Your Life

Clare Morell

We mothers should not choose to delegate our main responsibility of parenting our children to others for most of their waking hours.


The Federalist / January 27, 2022

Will Congress Seize an Opportunity to Protect Children?

Clare Morell

Amid uncertainty over other Big Tech legislation, legislators should agree on reforms that make the Internet safer for minors.


National Review Online / January 25, 2022