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People and Their Relationships

When our conception of relationships and relationship-building is based on a vision of the human person as an atomized choice maker who forms bonds for his or her benefit, we should not wonder why institutions decay. Our institutions are in crisis because we are in an identity crisis.

A Time to Build

Yuval Levin’s new book explains that the story of Congress’s decline is also found in other institutions of American life—the family, universities, and churches.

My Father Left Me Ireland Connects Broken Homes to Broken Nations

Michael Brendan Dougherty has helped expose the deepest roots of our confusing debates about family, identity, and nation through his powerful new memoir.

The Free-Market Tradition

The market system is increasingly under attack not only from the left but from some smart social conservatives, populists, and nationalists on the right. To effectively defend democratic capitalism, its champions will need to understand the nature of these criticisms, to see where they have a point, and to think about how to make a case for markets that takes them seriously.

A Cost-of-Living Agenda

There’s room to pursue an agenda on the right that would tackle inflation in health care, housing, and higher education, and with time there could be some interest in it too. But on the left, it certainly looks like doubling down on the restriction of supply and the subsidization of demand is all we’re going to see at this point.

Another Warning Sign

The Mueller report is a window into the manner of administration that characterizes the Trump era, and therefore is another warning about how fundamentally unprepared our government is for a significant crisis or emergency.

Democrats and Republicans Threaten the Constitution

Constitutionalists must in the short term maneuver within a depressing political landscape and choose among very unappealing options while also doing the long-term work of restoring a healthy political culture with the Constitution at its center.

A Word for the Filibuster

The legislative filibuster should not be done away with in the name of pure majority rule. In our time even more than usual, Congress should be designed to require and compel accommodation.

The Barr Letter Interlude

When we look back upon the sordid story of the Trump campaign, Russia, and the special counsel’s investigation, we won’t remember its conclusion as defined by Attorney General Barr’s letter but by Special Counsel Mueller’s report.

A Politics of National Purpose

A proper national politics naturally protects both our shared prerogatives and our individual rights.