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Interview: Sir Roger Scruton on What It Means to Be a Conservative

Sir Roger Scruton talks to National Review about his latest book and the meaning of conservatism.

Sixty Years on, Conservatives Must Still ‘Stand Athwart History’

A Constitution-minded conservatism stands once again to be a force for modernization in American life through the reinvigoration of our system of government and the recovery of the insights and instincts that undergird it.

Why Civility is a Democratic Virtue

The effort to turn conservatism into a bonfire of rage, a cavalcade of insults, is a disservice to conservatism and those who have represented it so well over the years.

Remembering Bill Buckley

Who were the most publicly influential American Catholics of the twentieth century? By shaping Vatican II’s teaching on Church-and-state, Father John Courtney Murray, SJ, helped turn Catholicism into the world’s foremost institutional advocate of religious freedom. John F. Kennedy put Catholics into play at the highest level of our national politics. Fulton J. Sheen gave […]