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Lessons in Virtue from Apollo 11

The tendency to remember Project Apollo as mere technological wizardry, albeit of a very high order, should be resisted. There were great virtues involved in this remarkable adventure, and without those virtues there wouldn’t be six American flags planted on the Moon by a dozen American citizens.

In Fond Memory of Peter Augustine Lawler upon His Sudden Death

Lawler’s influence as a teacher and thinker was a function of his gregarious humor and charm, his talent for friendship, and his sheer brilliance. But ultimately, it likely had to do above all with the distinct worldview he articulated, which has done an enormous amount to deepen, humanize, and enrich contemporary conservatism.

Safeguarding the Conditions for an Authentic Human Ecology

If we are to safeguard the moral conditions for an authentic human ecology we must take far more seriously the care, nurture, and cultivation of children and young people in virtue.

Manliness: An Unsung Trait of the Train Heroes

The Legion d’Honneur awarded to three young Americans who stopped a heavily armed gunman on a European train is both richly deserved and a reminder that honor, so out of fashion in our time, is awfully handy in emergencies.

Forgiveness: A Lesson in Three Parts

We are a tangle of hurts and longings that only makes sense, and can only be unraveled, through the discipline of mercy.