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Darker Days Ahead?

The El Paso and Dayton shootings brought the 2020 presidential election, and America’s future, into sharp and disturbing focus.

The Age of Travesties

The violence, pornography, and squalid politics of America in 2018 are an indictment of what we have become, and what we have come to tolerate.

In Defense of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

The urgency and vigor of those who despise the notion of “thoughts and prayers” would only be justified in their reaction if there were indeed a magic button we could push to fix the problem of gun violence tomorrow. And there isn’t.

The Virginia Shooting: Thinking about Incitement

Leaders who justify violence for political ends offer cover to those inclined to commit horrific acts.

Did the Enlightenment Cause a Global Decline in Violence?

The modern age included a laudable squeamishness against tyranny, but it also included a nice dose of utopian hubris, and the special horrors of the modern age are incomprehensible without this Enlightenment idea.

The Media’s Irresponsible Ferguson Coverage

The effort by the left broadly, and journalists more specifically, to turn the events in Ferguson into a morality play was a shame; and in the end, it probably helped fuel the violence that occurred before and after the grand jury’s decision.