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The Catholic Future

Taking account of the challenges facing the Church in the third millennium, and drawing lessons from the pontificates of John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis, George Weigel systematically outlines the qualities needed in the next successor of Peter in his new book The Next Pope.

The Case for Dynamic Orthodoxy

The living parts of the world Church today are those that embrace Vatican II in full, having read it in continuity with the Church’s settled tradition.

Christ at the Center of the Council

Where evangelization flourishes in the Church today, it’s because Jesus Christ—crucified and risen, the unique savior of the world—is at the center of the Church’s proclamation, worship, and service.

The Next Pope and Vatican II

Polemics about the Second Vatican Council continue to bedevil the global Catholic conversation.

Paradoxes of Faith in Service to the Supreme Paradox

Henri de Lubac, S.J., understood the human predicament, the grandeur of God’s love, and the beauty of the Church with extraordinary clarity and fidelity.

Joseph Ratzinger, Theological Reformer

In the War of the Conciliar Succession, there are true reformers, and then there are the forces of deconstruction. Joseph Ratzinger is emphatically a true Catholic reformer.

Religious Freedom Is Not a Boon Granted by the Benign State

Just governments have obligations to protect religious freedom as an unalienable right of persons, and to regulate its exercise for the sake of the common good. They will do that regulation properly if they keep that prior obligation firmly in mind, and resist the temptation to imagine that they “confer” religious freedom on the people they serve.

The Two Popes: Baloney, Brilliantly Acted

The Netflix film The Two Popes is baloney on steroids. It’s brilliantly acted, sometimes amusing, and occasionally moving. But despite its claim to be “based on actual events,” the film does not reflect history.

The Well-Fought Fight

Protestations from the ideologically myopic notwithstanding, it’s pluperfectly obvious to any parent or grandparent trying to transmit the gospel view of the human person to a beloved child or grandchild that the West is in the midst of an often-vicious culture war.

The Reformed Liturgy, 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago, the Catholic Church marked the First Sunday of Advent with the universal implementation of the revised Roman Rite of the Mass, approved by Pope Paul VI in response to the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. And the liturgy wars broke out in earnest.