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Trump’s Most Malicious Legacy

The outgoing president leaves behind a tribalistic, distrustful, and sometimes delusional political culture.

Geography Lessons

Just as the media denies their own biases, other branches of the elite deny the obvious truths surrounding them. One feels something close to despair that the public’s trust in their rulers, official or unofficial, can ever be restored.

Constituting Truth

When a political culture ceases to value truth for its own sake instead of its political utility, it breaks down into violent or quasi-violent partisanship.

Pursuing the Truth Requires Modesty about Ourselves

Truth is not subjective. But we should be modest about our grasp of the truth, mindful of our limited understanding and our own tendency to reach conclusions first and find evidence second.

How Progressives Cherry-Pick Science They Like

Organizers flaunt the politically motivated inception of the March for Science.

George Orwell’s Fierce Modesty

Orwell’s commitment to seek truth fiercely and bravely, while acknowledging that it is only one man’s truth, is a balance very few of us achieve.