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Geography Lessons

Just as the media denies their own biases, other branches of the elite deny the obvious truths surrounding them. One feels something close to despair that the public’s trust in their rulers, official or unofficial, can ever be restored.

What Did the Midterms Reveal? A Divided America

The U.S. is split into two separate nations, with two different election verdicts – and positive news for Trump supporters.

Democrats Need to Win Back the Obama-Trump Voter. Will They Succeed?

Six million people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 switched parties to back Donald Trump in 2016. Can the Democrats win them back?

Good News For Democrats After Ohio Result – But Warning Signs Too

Democrats should do very well this November if the trends apparent in the special election in Ohio’s 12th congressional district carry through to the midterms. But to manufacture a blue wave and really wipe out the Republicans, they need to boost their appeal among rural former Democrats.

What Liberals (Still) Get Wrong About Trump’s Support

The data clearly show that President Trump’s political coalition is pretty much the traditional Republican coalition. And the often virulent behavior of anti-Trump partisans has made partisan Republicans especially unwilling to abandon their leader even when he stumbles.