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Hong Kong Calvary 2021

It is nothing short of scandalous that Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, and other brave men and women are facing persecution without any public support from the Vatican.

Cruel and (Very) Unusual: On the Banning of Masses in the Vatican Basilica

The recent and bizarre diktat violates both universality and hospitality while ensuring a more jumbled, less reverent atmosphere at the altars.

Responding to the Allure and Incoherency of Transgenderism

Transgender ideology has powerful supporters, such as Amazon, but it is also weak.

The Educational Pilgrimage of St. John Paul II and Its Impact on the World

Karol Wojtyła had two convictions that shaped his papal ministry and his thinking about education: young people want to be challenged to heroism and they want to love with a pure love, a love that makes oneself into a gift for another even as one receives the gift of another.

President Biden and Progressive Catholic Fantasyland

Catholic progressives were not so craven in the face of legal segregation during the classic period of the civil rights movement; they were, in fact, bold and brave. So why the surrender to the Zeitgeist now?

The McCarrick Report: No Smoking Gun, but Massive System Failure

Theodore McCarrick counted on the members of the episcopal club not to break the club rules. The path forward lies in dismantling those rules and consigning them to oblivion, along with the rest of the clerical caste system.

Looking into the Future Through His Eyes: John Paul II, the Catholic Church, and the Crisis of the West

The age of the ethnic or national transmission of Catholic faith – the age of Catholicism transmitted by a kind of genetic inheritance or osmosis – is over everywhere in the Western world.

Faith, Reason, and Catholic Political Engagement

What the Church expects us to do in this and every election is to follow our consciences—but also to form our consciences intelligently, in accord with Christian truth.

It Can’t Happen Here: A Review of Live Not By Lies

Rod Dreher’s new book seeks first to explain what’s reshaping American culture and why; and then to suggest the strategies needed today to live and witness Christian hope, despite the changing terrain.

The Fatuities of Professor Faggioli

There is something deeply awry in Massimo Faggioli’s understanding of contemporary China and his defense of the Vatican Ostpolitik of the late 1960s and 1970s.