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The Man Who Refused to Bow

Adam Kinzinger is a liberated individual—liberated from his party leadership, liberated from the fear of being beaten in a primary, liberated to speak his mind.

The Moral Inversion of the Republican Party

Republicans are at risk of being devoured by the forces they placed in control.

Many Republicans Own This Insurrection

Responsibility for the storming of the Capitol extends well beyond President Trump.

Some Republicans Have Finally Found a Line They Won’t Cross

The GOP needs leaders who will distance their party from the wreckage and the ruin the president has brought.

Cowards are Destroying the GOP

Those who have hoped that Republican leaders would begin to break free from Donald Trump once he lost the election have not understood the nature of the change that has come over the party’s base.

Trump Is Losing His Mind

The president is discussing martial law in the Oval Office, as his grip on reality falters.

Trump’s Most Malicious Legacy

The outgoing president leaves behind a tribalistic, distrustful, and sometimes delusional political culture.

Choose Repair, Not Revenge

Because we are a nation so fractured that each side barely comprehends the other, this is a time for magnanimity.

Biden May Be Just the Person America Needs

In a different time, with a different president, Joe Biden would not stand out. But President Trump’s particular maladies have created a moment in which Biden’s greatest strengths as a person are most needed by the nation.

Evangelicals Made a Bad Bargain With Trump

If evangelical supporters of Trump are honest, they should admit—at least to themselves, if not to the rest of the world—that something has gone terribly amiss and that the power they have achieved is coming at the expense of the faith they proclaim.