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The Joe Walsh Challenge

Former Congressman and radio provocateur Joe Walsh embodies much that has gone wrong in American politics, just like the man he is challenging.

Republicans Are Howling About Government Spending yet Again. Here’s What They Get Wrong.

The Republican Party needs to show it understands what voters want by proposing a serious deficit-reduction package that includes tax increases on those who can afford it, in addition to a package of spending cuts. Ten years after Simpson-Bowles foundered, a new bipartisan compromise could achieve what a decade of futile gesturing has not: reduced deficits and moderate growth in government spending.

Apathy in the Executive

If Republican congressional leaders are alert to the peculiar demands of this moment and can exercise some effective and thoughtful discretion over the policy agenda of the right, some meaningful achievements are surely within reach. But those are very big “if”s.

The New Republican Coalition

For conservatives, in particular, ceasing to imagine that we own the Re­publican coalition, and therefore ceasing to expect it to simply follow our lead, would be a spur to sharpen, strengthen, and modernize our ideas so that they are more attractive and a better fit to contemporary problems.