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The Educational Pilgrimage of St. John Paul II and Its Impact on the World

Karol Wojtyła had two convictions that shaped his papal ministry and his thinking about education: young people want to be challenged to heroism and they want to love with a pure love, a love that makes oneself into a gift for another even as one receives the gift of another.

Fr. Maciej Zięba, O.P. (1954–2020)

Maciej Zięba’s was a Catholic voice of singular insight, clarity, and good sense in an increasingly fragmented and polarized Polish society.

“Those Who Question the Sanctity of John Paul II Don’t Know What They’re Talking About”

If life at the Throne of Grace is the perfection of virtues displayed in this life, then St. John Paul II has forgiven his recent detractors.

John Paul II Committed Sins, Too. Just Like All the Other Saints.

The blemishes of the saints, including John Paul II, ought not be hidden, nor should they scandalize us. Rather, they should be a reminder to us of both humility—in the face of our own many failings—and of hope.

American Democracy’s Moral and Cultural Foundations

John Courtney Murray’s warnings from more than a half-century ago, and his analysis of the roots of a possible crack-up of American political culture, are remarkably prescient and well worth pondering today.

Theodore McCarrick, Not John Paul II, Is the Story of the McCarrick Report

Theodore McCarrick was not only a sexual predator; he was an accomplished, pathological liar. And pathological liars fool people.

Looking into the Future Through His Eyes: John Paul II, the Catholic Church, and the Crisis of the West

The age of the ethnic or national transmission of Catholic faith – the age of Catholicism transmitted by a kind of genetic inheritance or osmosis – is over everywhere in the Western world.

Rediscovering Eucharistic Amazement

Being “amazed” by the Eucharist is probably not all that common these days. But Holy Mass should be all amazement, all the time.

The Next Pope and the Crisis of the West

By being relentlessly Christ-centered in his preaching, the next pope can empower all of us to rescue the idea of the human by proclaiming the crucified and risen Lord, the embodiment of self-giving love, as the true image of humanity and its freedom.

The Next Pope and Vatican Diplomacy

The institutional default positions in Vatican diplomacy do not reflect two lessons taught by the late 20th century: the only authority the Holy See has in world politics today is moral authority; that moral authority is depleted when the Church fails to speak the truth to power, especially totalitarian and authoritarian power.