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Trump is Threatening to Go Around Congress to Get His Wall. History Shows He’ll Fail.

President Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency to break the impasse over the funding and construction of his beloved border wall. This might be a good negotiating tactic, but actually doing it would be a bad idea, both legally and politically.

How Does the Shutdown End?

To a greater degree than has been the case in other shutdowns in this century, both sides entered this one unexpectedly and without a plan, and neither really has much leverage over the other.

Trump Won’t Lose in a Long Shutdown

Americans didn’t want the government to be shut down, but now that it is, they’re likely to want a deal to get it back open. That plays into President Trump’s hands — as long as he demonstrates that he’s willing to deal, too.

Another Government Shutdown … and Another Good Gamble by Trump

Forcing a shutdown over the wall is not likely to gain President Trump or the GOP much support, but it reinforces their position with their own voters. That’s a good thing to do this far out from the election, and sets up possible shifts to the center on other issues as goodwill has been increased first among the base.

The Coming Budget Showdown

The basic problem is simple: Mexico isn’t going to pay for the border wall that President Trump wants, and congressional Democrats don’t want to pay for it either. A shutdown is entirely possible.