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Sexual Healing

Jennifer Roback Morse’s The Sexual State provides a comprehensive, well-documented analysis of the Sexual Revolution and outlines what seems to be a more livable and politically viable alternative.

You Can’t Say That on Twitter

Threats, vile abuse, and harassment have become a key part of Twitter’s brand, but only a select few offenders are punished or banned.

Gillette Is Not Wrong

The razor company’s newest ad has been savagely received on the right, but its message is more conservative than the critics acknowledge.

Did Chivalry Go Down With the Titanic?

Social evolutions of the past century have dashed apart old sex roles and notions of self-sacrifice.

The Trans-Industrial Complex

Gender ideology’s sweep through the culture is the culmination of strategies implemented years ago. The harm inflicted extends beyond the confused and suffering individuals ensnared by the “gender web” to the cultural and social institutions collapsing amidst anthropological deceit and moral chaos.

Can Feminists Cure What Ails Men?

Leading feminists would do well to remove their women-centric blinders and examine the situation of young men more sympathetically.

Affirming and Celebrating Humanae Vitae

July 25 is the fiftieth anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Blessed Paul VI’s encyclical on the integrity of love and the appropriate means of family planning.

Making Sense of Eric Schneiderman

Today, feminists are grappling with the long roster of supposedly “enlightened” i.e. feminist men who’ve turned out to be serial abusers or worse.

How Low Can Self-Hating Feminists Go? As Michelle Wolf Shows, Today’s Feminism is Repulsive to Women

Michelle Wolf is the hip face of ugly, pink-hat feminism. She’s also a sad cultural meme embodying feminists’ self-loathing, degradation, and cruelty. The meme came to life in Saturday’s monologue.

March Madness at the College of the Holy Cross

A theology professor slated to become a department chairman has some arguably blasphemous theories about — the Holy Cross.