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Reagan Would Tell Today’s CPAC to Build a GOP Coalition, Not a Church

CPAC speakers and attendees should follow the advice Ronald Reagan gave at the 1977 gathering: Build a coalition, not a church.

Donald Trump Is a Broken Man

One senses in Donald Trump no joy, no delight, no laughter. All the emotions that drive him are negative.

Politics Is Not Total War

At its very best, politics ennobles us by attaching us to the great cause for justice and human dignity. But that can’t happen unless and until we recover a sense of the importance and the difficulty of political leadership, a respect for the craft of governing and the value of doing it well.

What I’ve Gained by Leaving the Republican Party

The party of Reagan has been fundamentally transformed. It’s now Donald Trump’s party, through and through.

Trump Delivered the Best, Most Reaganesque Speech of His Tenure

From start to finish in his State of the Union address, President Trump did something he rarely does: extol the virtue of the everyday American and give credit to the freedom that is our birthright

Defunding Abortion

The Trump administration’s newly proposed rule to make it harder to use federal Title X dollars to promote and provide abortion is a modest but significant and important step.

Jeff Bell Was George Bailey

To those who knew him well, Jeffrey L. Bell was a real-life George Bailey: an accomplished and decent man who shaped important events by helping others achieve their own greatness, mostly without recognition himself.

The Trump Tax Reform Won’t Match the Reagan Ones

Some hard figures help explain why the Reagan administration tax reforms were enacted with the support of so-called “Reagan Democrats” in Congress, while not a single Democrat voted for the 2017 tax reform.

Whatever Happened to Trump’s Populist Agenda?

The traditional Republican policy agenda is a political zombie, a relic that once served our nation well but is out of touch with what Americans want today. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Most Republicans Wish They Were Like Reagan. Trump Actually Is.

Conventional wisdom tells us that Donald Trump is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan. But in fact, Trump is far closer to Reagan’s brand of conservatism than the Republican congressional leadership is.