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No, The Catholic Church’s Support Of Celibacy Doesn’t Make It Like Feminism

A new book by a Reformed Protestant author is poorly sourced and poorly argued, and makes many unfounded claims in its attempt to link the Catholic Church with the ills of feminism.

Martin Luther’s Reformation

Scholars are out in force this year, observing the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation with new books to commemorate Martin Luther, and to invigorate debate about his legacy.

Which Reformation? What Reform?

There were, in short, multiple Reformations. Their sometimes-violent interaction created much of what became the modern world, for good and for ill.

Re-Forming the Church

If the Church is willed by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, then authentic reform means recovering – making a source of renewal – some aspect or other of the Church’s “form” that has been lost, marred, misconceived, or even forgotten.

Lessons for Today, after Obergefell, from Catholics Who Were Persecuted under Elizabeth I

In the developed, democratic world, it seemed impossible to imagine that Catholics would once again live under penal laws or their cultural equivalent, scorned (and worse) for being threats to the state and civil comity by reason of their faith. It’s no longer impossible to imagine that.