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In Liz Cheney vs. Donald Trump, Guess Who Won

Declaring fealty to a lie has become the single most important test of loyalty in today’s Republican Party.

Liz Cheney’s Biggest Problem Has Nothing to Do with Trump

It’s ultimately unimportant whether Liz Cheney holds on to her leadership position. Resolving the disputes that have led to that contest, however, will be crucial for a Republican Party that wants to regain power.

The Battle Cry for a Post-Trump GOP

Rejuvenating the Republican Party will depend on examples of leadership, vision and a base ready to reembrace conservatism’s highest ideals.

The GOP Is a Grave Threat to American Democracy

The best thing those who love the Republican Party can do for it is to speak the truth about it.

Vaccine Nationalism Is a Corrective to Often-Naive Views of Globalism

Former president Donald Trump was widely pilloried for playing down multilateral cooperation and the global trading order in favor of his “America First” mind-set. But Trump likely understood the nationalist underpinnings of foreign policy better than his critics.

The Man Who Refused to Bow

Adam Kinzinger is a liberated individual—liberated from his party leadership, liberated from the fear of being beaten in a primary, liberated to speak his mind.

Seeing Red and Feeling Blue: America’s Rotten National Mood

Injury can bring a country together. But this is a compound fracture to the national psyche.

If Republicans Don’t Disown Trump, He Will Continue to Own Them

Why do Republicans continue to defend a man who lost the popular vote by more than seven million votes, whose recklessness after the election cost them control of the Senate, and who is causing a flight from the Republican Party?

Why Establishment Conservatives Still Miss the Point of Trump

Conservatives must both propose and implement actual policies that make an actual, tangible difference in the lives of ordinary Americans.

Hope and Her Daughters

Hope feeds and grows on the experience of love, the will to persist in that love, and the letting go of anger, no matter how vicious or lunatic the times.