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Seeing Red and Feeling Blue: America’s Rotten National Mood

Injury can bring a country together. But this is a compound fracture to the national psyche.

If Republicans Don’t Disown Trump, He Will Continue to Own Them

Why do Republicans continue to defend a man who lost the popular vote by more than seven million votes, whose recklessness after the election cost them control of the Senate, and who is causing a flight from the Republican Party?

Why Establishment Conservatives Still Miss the Point of Trump

Conservatives must both propose and implement actual policies that make an actual, tangible difference in the lives of ordinary Americans.

Hope and Her Daughters

Hope feeds and grows on the experience of love, the will to persist in that love, and the letting go of anger, no matter how vicious or lunatic the times.

Donald Trump May Not Have Hurt the GOP as Much as Some Might Think

Common wisdom holds that former president Donald Trump badly hurt the Republican Party. A recent analysis of exit poll data by Trump’s campaign pollsters, however, shows he might have actually helped it.

New Poll: There Is No Singular Trump Voter

Despite how it is often portrayed in the media, Trump’s coalition is ideologically and demographically diverse.

Why It Will Be So Hard to Roll Back Trump’s Trade Agenda

Global trade is not the sexiest of issues. It is, however, one of the most important, both in regard to U.S. foreign relations and America’s domestic cohesion.

The End of Trump Can Be the Beginning of America

It made sense that once President Trump left the White House, powerful emotions would be unleashed.

Trump Might Fade Away Faster Than People Think

After leaving office, Donald Trump will no longer be able to shape the news with his every breath, and that alone gives other Republicans space to enter the field.

Inaugural Reflections on American Renewal

In today’s unprecedented situation, what are the commitments to be re-affirmed by those promoting a religiously-informed public philosophy for the American experiment in ordered liberty?