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Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq Answers the Prayers of the Christians Who Refuse to Flee — and Face Extinction

Pope Francis, who has not stopped seeking those driven to the margins of society since the day he became the occupant of St. Peter’s Chair, understands the existential peril of Christians in the Middle East and in Iraq especially.

Archbishop José Gomez: A Profile in Episcopal Courage

The statement on Inauguration Day by the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was a pastor’s invitation to President Biden to open his soul to the fullness of Catholic truth.

Catholic Coherence, Catholic Integrity

Bishops who maintain the Church’s eucharistic integrity and coherence are not acting politically or punitively; those bishops are calling the entire Church to deeper conversion while expressing appropriate, indeed necessary, concern for the spiritual well-being and moral coherence of those under their pastoral care.

An Open Letter to the People of “Courage”

Against fierce cultural and social pressures, many Catholics strive—with the help of grace, their pastors, and each other—to live the Catholic ethic of human love even as they experience same-sex attractions.

An Agenda for the Catholic Future

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel was interviewed recently by Oliver Maksan, editor-in-chief of the German newspaper Die Tagespost.

A Paradox for the Next Pope

The church’s path to a vital future runs, as always, through first-century Galilee.

Redeemer of Man

Technology instinctively reshapes a culture toward purely practical action and results. To the Church falls the task of forcing the questions that get people to think about what it means to be truly human.

The “Historic” Amazonian Synod, Revisited

Time will tell whether the special Synod for Amazonia made a significant contribution to the proclamation of Jesus Christ and the gospel in a largely unevangelized region, or whether that synod was a stalking horse for a host of other agendas, ecclesiastical, ecological, and political.

“Wittenberg” in Synodal Slow Motion

It is astonishing that, confronted by unmistakable empirical evidence that liberal Protestantism has collapsed around the world, German Catholic leaders, ordained and lay, seem determined to create a nominally Catholic form of liberal Protestantism through a slow-motion “Wittenberg.”

Pope Francis’s Respectful Critics Deserve Better Than Scorn

Catholics have an obligation, rooted in love, to treat the Holy Father — any Holy Father — with the respect due his office. But as in any healthy family, respect does not preclude criticism on matters of substance.

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