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It’s Clear Most Americans See the Founders for What They Were: Noble and Courageous

The United States is engaged in a debate — some say a battle — over the meaning and import of its history. D.C.’s recent foray into that standoff both illuminates its contours and demonstrates why so many Americans are up in arms.

Universities are Reviving the Notion of Heresy

“Non-discrimination” is the orthodoxy of our day. Yet this seeming open-mindedness is just as determined to silence the heretic as any established religion.

Leftists Feed Extremists They Fear with Attacks on Amy Wax

If the Left cannot get past its blinkered view that all discussions of character and behavior are code for racism, it will do great harm to all, but most especially to minorities and the poor.

The Persecution of Professor Esolen

A college whose leadership is committed to the great Catholic tradition of liberal learning, and to Catholic leadership in the reform of an increasingly incoherent and authoritarian American intellectual and educational culture, would celebrate Tony Esolen’s contributions. It certainly wouldn’t coddle his persecutors.

Universities’ War Against Truth

Having beliefs and expressing them is no longer tolerated, and the contagion is spreading.

Why We Should Defend the Right to be Offensive

Free speech can make for uncomfortable listening, but it needs to be defended even when it gives offense.