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Donald Trump Ruined Conservatism. Don’t Let Him Ruin Patriotism.

The president discredits everything he touches. His poisonous form of patriotism is a danger to our civic health.

Escape Clause

As a nation we’re neither as good as our pride imagined, nor as bad as America’s chronic haters – their name is Legion – want us to believe.

The Silent Majority Must Sing

It’s time to push back on what has morphed into a comprehensive assault not only on America itself, but on the very conditions of social peace.

Happy Flag Day

In this moment in particular — a time when the question of the very nature of American patriotism and nationalism is much in the air — the flag can offer us one path through challenging terrain.

A Call to Patriotism in America

In order for America to be a credible advocate for democracy and markets worldwide, American individuals, organizations and governing institutions should take a series of actions both to strengthen our democracy and to revive the faith of Americans in it.

Church and State and the NFL

When NFL players drop to one knee and bow their heads during the national anthem, they make the game banal. They sabotage the art — a higher art, in its transcendence — and drag it to earth, to politics and grievance. That’s the effect, anyway, regardless of the higher ideals that are professed.

‘Patriotism’ Has Always Divided Us. National Memory Can Unite Us.

A patriotism of common national memory could be the answer to the riddle of a politics divided over how to be unified. It is not a way to make our differences go away, but rather to allow us better to live with them and so with each other.

The Case for Nations

The ‘we’ of the nation-state binds people together, builds an important legacy of social trust and blunts the sharp edges of globalization.

Patriotism Not Nationalism

As Trump demonstrates, nationalism is not patriotism in a hurry — it is resentment draped in the flag.

A Simple Gesture, a Grateful Heart: A Thanksgiving Lesson from Staff Sgt. Milosevic

Ideologues may work to shred our cultural memory and thin the roots of our gratitude, but ordinary Americans can replant the seeds of deep gratitude on a daily basis.