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Why Establishment Conservatives Still Miss the Point of Trump

Conservatives must both propose and implement actual policies that make an actual, tangible difference in the lives of ordinary Americans.

Trade Policy Is Always Political First

In the 1990s a trade regime that hitherto consistently understood itself as a political tool, the function of which was to achieve political aims, began running on autopilot and understanding itself as a purely economic tool.

A Science-Based Case for Ending the Porn Epidemic

The evidence is in: porn is as addictive as smoking, or more, except that what smoking does to your lungs, porn does to your brain. And compelling evidence suggests that it is also having a far-reaching impact on our social fabric as a whole.

This Branch of Government Is Dead

Sometimes, the shortest of lives inspire millions. And so it is with the oak tree that French President Emmanuel Macron ceremonially planted with President Trump on the South Lawn of the White House.

French Socialism Has Failed

‘Free’ government services in France are unsustainable and anything but progressive.

The Failure of the French Elite

The yellow vest protests have revealed the profound divide between the privileged class embodied by Emmanuel Macron and the rest of France.

Sorry, but ‘Her Emails’ Were a Legitimate Scandal and They Deserved to Be Covered

There’s certainly an argument for wondering if coverage of this or that during the crazy 2016 campaign wasn’t a bit too intense. There is, however, no possible rational argument that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was not a real, legitimate scandal, deserving of widespread coverage and opprobrium.

Montessori Schools are Exceptionally Successful. So Why aren’t There More of Them?

Against the Lockean view, Montessori education supports the authentic Christian view that every child has a unique, God-given identity and gifts and must, by grace, develop them. As opposed to the Cartesian view, this approach rejects mind-body dualism. So why didn’t the church embrace it when it came along?

Macron’s New Iran Deal Deserves a Chance

President Trump should take up French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion to treat the existing Iran nuclear deal as one leg in a broader accord that would cover nuclear activities beyond the deal’s 10-year deadline, ballistic missile technology, and, especially, Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism in the region.

Macron and Trump Can Team Up on Trade

The picture of Emmanuel Macron as a ga-ga globalist, and of Donald Trump as a protectionist ideologue, is too simplistic. Indeed, for all their very real differences, they also share priorities, which offers a way for them to work together.