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The Other Stealthy Obamacare Menace

Obamacare’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation will bring more bureaucratic micromanagement to health care, not progress.

GOP Should Stand Firm Against Drug Legalization

Right now, President Obama is AWOL on drug use and legalization. Republicans should speak out against both, grounding their arguments in medical science and morality, in common sense and human experience.

To Save Medicare, Change the Model

Today’s seniors rely on Medicare for access to needed medical care. Congressman Ryan’s plan honors that commitment even as it also secures Medicare for future generations.

Old and Rich? Less Help for You

Democrats want to close the budget gap by having the government lean more heavily on the wealthy, while Republicans want to close it by having the government spend less money. So why not spend less money on the wealthy? The right kind of means testing can offer common ground in our budget battles.

Pope Benedict’s Legacy of Humility

Pope Benedict’s last act — his resignation — may turn out to be his greatest long-term legacy. As the demands of apostolic life increase, we may see more and more popes following Benedict’s example, and, when old age robs them of their strength, humbly stepping aside for the sake of the Church’s fundamental mission: spreading the Gospel.

The Absentee Commander in Chief

Congressional testimony late last week revealed that the president was told that Americans were under attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012—and yet not a single presidential finger was lifted to help the four Americans who died.

Scouting’s Suicide

The Boy Scouts’ proposed revision to their policy on gays is incoherent and unworkable and would threaten ruin for lots of troops and scoutmasters.

Harvest Deficit Reductions From the Farm Bill

Finding common ground in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations will be hard for Republicans and Democrats. But there’s one place they should be able to agree: farm subsidies.

Marriage at Stake

The future of marriage is at stake in the new cases before the Supreme Court. And so, ultimately, are the rights of faithful Catholics to participate fully in public life.

Raising Medicare Eligibility a First Step Towards Deficit Reduction

Since 1965, life expectancy at age 65 has improved by 4.8 years for men and 4.7 years for women. Retirement programs such as Medicare must be adjusted periodically to reflect changing demographic reality.