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On the New “Nationalism”

Thanks to President Trump’s “America First” rhetoric and the rise of populist-nationalist parties in Europe, there’s a lot of debate about “nationalism” these days. On that subject, as on so many others, it’s worth listening to Pope St. John Paul II.

U.S.-European Relations Are on the Rocks. They Won’t Get Better Anytime Soon.

Democrats frequently decry President Trump for purportedly weakening our ties with our European allies. But a recent security conference in Germany shows that tensions between the United States and Europe would likely recur under any Republican president — and perhaps under Democratic leadership as well.

Poland is Beset by Russian Revanchism, Western Decadence, and Dangers from Within

The Polish situation is more complicated than easy analogies to Trumpism would suggest. Poland is striving, in a stumbling and halting way, to maintain its identity, an identity that is both European and inextricably Catholic.

What Is America’s Role in the World Now?

Trump opponents left and right believe the system of alliances and interlocked global trading networks that America created—at its insistence—after World War II continues to work in America’s interests. These men and women may be right, but they have a tiny little problem: increasing numbers of Americans disagree.

A Modest Defense of the “Liberal World Order”

Might it not be the case that the “liberal world order” needs fixing rather than dismantling, as some “populists” propose today?

The Anti-Business Businessman

Donald Trump’s trade policies will hurt the American middle class.

Lenin Meets Corleone

Vladimir Putin is best understood as a Russian-based global Mafia don who has refined the Vito Corleone model with a Leninist political methodology, enhanced by the new propaganda methods of social media and by classic appeals to a stern form of Russian nationalism.

Obama Scuttles. America Retreats. Things Fall Apart.

Very little of the world order of which the United States has been the linchpin and guarantor will be left on January 21, 2017. Indeed, there is very little of that post-Cold War order left today.