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What I Sing When Nobody’s Listening

With the right tune, you can immerse yourself, for a moment, in other times and other people’s stories.

The Well-Fought Fight

Protestations from the ideologically myopic notwithstanding, it’s pluperfectly obvious to any parent or grandparent trying to transmit the gospel view of the human person to a beloved child or grandchild that the West is in the midst of an often-vicious culture war.

Hanson’s New Life-Affirming Single is Impossible to Resist

In a musical world filled with lyrics that degrade, shock, and diminish others, ‘I Was Born’ is an inspiring (and addicting) antidote.

The Virtue of Irrelevance

For the teacher, respect for children means giving them whatever one has by way of knowledge, teaching them to distinguish real knowledge from mere opinion, and introducing them to the subjects that make the mind adaptable to the unforeseen — even if those subjects are considered “irrelevant.”

Is High Culture a Luxury, or a Necessity?

From fine art to music, enjoying high culture has largely been seen as a reserve for leisure time – but in truth, it’s an essential element of everyday life.

Bob Dylan’s Biblical Imagination

Most of the conversation that followed Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature missed perhaps the most important window into the work of the great poet: that his poetry is deeply, profoundly shaped by the Bible.

Why It’s Time to Turn the Music Off

In shopping malls, public houses, restaurants, hotels and elevators the ambient sound is not human conversation but the music disgorged into the air by speakers – usually invisible and inaccessible speakers that cannot be punished for their impertinence.