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Religious Freedom: Bleached, Blanched, and Rinsed Out

It is fatuous to dismiss concerns over the rinsing-out of religious freedom as the overwrought fretting of culture warriors.

We Need More than a Defense of Religious Free Exercise

While religious Americans might be able to achieve small victories around the edges by relying on the First Amendment to protect us within our small spheres, we will continue losing the cultural battle in the long run if we decline to defend our beliefs on their own terms.

Another Victory for the Little Sisters of the Poor

The belief that the government, or employers compelled by the government, ought to subsidize contraception stems from a fundamentally incorrect, irrational view of contraception as a necessary component of holistic health care.

Trump’s Disappointing Executive Order and Narrow View of Religious Liberty

The order does very little to address the most pressing challenges to religious freedom that have arisen in recent years and suggests the White House misunderstands the problem.

A Gratuitous Assault on Religious Liberty

The entire fight about religious liberty created by the administration’s mandate that employers who offer health insurance must include coverage for free access to some abortive and contraceptive drugs is a culture war of choice on the part of the Obama White House.

Beware of a Supreme Court ‘Solution’ for the Little Sisters

The Supreme Court would do great harm to religious liberty if imposed a “solution” in the Little Sisters case that produces the outcome the administration has been seeking all along.