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What Is the American Idea?

Richard Brookhiser’s Give Me Liberty is a defense of what he calls “America’s Exceptional Idea,” an elegant and lyrical case for the ideal that has shaped America: liberty.

What Jamal Khashoggi’s ‘Disappearance’ Means

Sometimes you have to deal with bad actors on the world stage. But you don’t have to delude yourself about who and what they are.

A Crisis of Liberalism?

There is much to admire in Patrick Deneen’s book Why Liberalism Failed, which combines impressive learning in the history of political theory and genuine attention to the complex realities of contemporary life. But the book is also deeply flawed, and in the end its critique lacks the prudence, realism, and generosity of spirit that wiser cultural critics have demonstrated in their own deep efforts to confront the problems of modernity.

Castro and the Pope: A Real Conversion?

What might the evidence of a genuine “conversion” on the part of Raúl Castro and the totalitarian regime he leads look like?

The Roots of a Reforming Conservatism

A key task of conservative reformers today is to recover the more humble idea of American government at the core of our system.

“What We Have Loved, Others Will Love, and We Will Teach Them How”

Teaching others to love what is worth loving, to have the human heart drawn to what is good and beautiful and true, is the great task for conservatives and the great task of civilization.