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America, Liberalism, and Catholicism

Catholics should not think of discussions about the Church’s relationship to American liberalism as a battle royal between competing camps—but as a conversation among friends seeking the truth in community.

Why We Are Where We Are

It’s hard, verging on impossible, to imagine the president-to-be-inaugurated next January summoning the country to national unity through magnanimity because our political culture has become so coarsened that it cannot cast up presidential candidates capable of credibly making that kind of appeal.

Bari Weiss Was Too Honest for the New York Times

Liberalism—a commitment to open inquiry—is fast disappearing from American life.

The American University Must Reaffirm Its Liberal Character

This core mission of the American university is the common ground of American society, apart from partisan rancor and mob tactics, and dedicated to the proposition that all positions are created equal and up for debate.

Abandoning Liberalism Will Destroy Social Peace

Banning op-eds by Trump supporters — like Senator Tom Cotton — may seem less likely to kick off violent strife than a defunded police force, but it is every bit as dangerous.

Whose Republic? Which “Liberalism”?

Thanks to click-bait bloggers and incontinent tweeters, some serious damage is currently being done to authentic Catholic social doctrine, which some misidentify with a new authoritarianism and others warp by bending to the progressive cause of the day.

The Free-Market Tradition

The market system is increasingly under attack not only from the left but from some smart social conservatives, populists, and nationalists on the right. To effectively defend democratic capitalism, its champions will need to understand the nature of these criticisms, to see where they have a point, and to think about how to make a case for markets that takes them seriously.

No, Religion Is Not Antithetical to Liberalism

Many deeply religious Americans feel surrounded and are desperate for some route of escape. That’s why they reluctantly backed President Trump. Liberals who want to confront autocracy abroad would be wise to find an accommodation with their adversaries at home before it’s too late.

The Soul’s Need for Rootedness

Yoram Hazony’s The Virtue of Nationalism is a much-needed pushback against modern globalists and imperialists who would erase human distinctions and offers a much-needed impetus to rethink current political paradigms.

Kant vs. Cant: How Liberals Lost Their Way

We belong together, liberalism tells us, because we ourselves create the law that governs us, with the aim of freeing and protecting us all. But today’s liberals identify with oppositional causes, even if — especially if — it is our tradition of liberal government that is the target.