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For Liberalism To Hold Any Meaning, Colleges Need Religious Exemptions

Left-liberals must recognize that sustaining the bargain of liberalism in a time of big government and ascendant cultural leftism requires generous accommodations for traditional religious believers and their institutions.

An Open Letter to the People of “Courage”

Against fierce cultural and social pressures, many Catholics strive—with the help of grace, their pastors, and each other—to live the Catholic ethic of human love even as they experience same-sex attractions.

We Can Find Common Ground on Gay Rights and Religious Liberty

The Fairness for All Act opens the conversation the country needs to have now, when fracture and polarization seem to be reaching unsustainable levels.

The Stakes Are Being Raised

Last week’s summit in Rome focused on protecting minors from sexual abuse. It was a start. But it was, in many ways, very far from the end.

Testimony for the Synod

Christian anthropology—once implicit in the culture of the West—has been widely displaced by an androgynous anthropology fundamentally incompatible with the Christian vision of the human person.

Parsing the “T”

No one familiar with the relevant literature denies that gender dysphoria is real, or that the formation of gender identity is sometimes a complicated and tortuous business. But, like the rest of the “LGBT” phenomenon, the “T” has become thoroughly politicized, indeed weaponized.

Donald Trump’s Transgender Military ‘Policy’ Is His Latest Misdirection

If President Trump were truly concerned about the impact of transgender troops on military readiness, he would take the trouble to educate himself on the matter and then propose legislation, so that his policy could not easily be overridden by the next president. Instead, he chose to troll the Left by announcing a sweeping ban.

Illinois Purges Social Workers and Foster Families Who Don’t ‘Facilitate’ Transgenderism

Illinois’s child welfare agency has proclaimed staff must ‘affirm’ gender ideology and ‘facilitate’ LGBT identities for kids—or be fired.

New Study Refutes LGBT ‘Born that Way’ Theory, ‘Transgender’ Labels for Children

It turns out those popular soundbites about sexual orientation and gender ideology are generally wrong, writes EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson, as she and co-author Theresa Farnan unpack The New Atlantis report that dispels popular myths about sexual attraction, identity, and transgender children.