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Exodus, Lent, and Becoming a True Nation

Through Leon Kass’s commentary, Exodus offers us a profound reflection on what it means to be a true people, not merely an aggregate of individuals or a network of families.

Gene Editing and Planned Personhood

The future of germline editing includes practical risks, but the question of whether it will happen should hinge not only on whether it can be safely done. Physicians must carefully consider their role in relation to their patients, which is different from that of a scientist working with specimens in a lab.

Books for the Summer of Our Discontent

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel recommends several books that he lately has found reassuring, challenging, illuminating, and in some cases just plain fun: which is to say, apt reading in, and for, this troubled moment.

Recompense for a Serious Mistake

A “grave literary sin” provides an opportunity to recommend three fine books by Dr. Leon Kass.