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U.S. Blocks Examination of Crimes against Humanity

Despite President Trump’s tactics, North Korea continues to test missiles, manufacture nuclear fuel, threaten its neighbors, and abuse its suffering population.

Trump Has Given North Korea a Valuable Bargaining Chip for Free

President Trump was right to walk away from a deal with the North Koreans last week. But he was wrong to walk away from annual military exercises with our South Korean allies.

Trump’s Fatal Attraction

There is just no mistaking it; our president gets excited in the presence of dictators.

Kim Jong-un Pulls the Wool over President Trump’s Eyes

As a matter of substance, the Singapore summit achieved less than nothing. It was a profound defeat for U.S. world influence and for democratic decency, arguably the worst summit outcome since Yalta.

Nobel Talk

If President Donald Trump’s incendiary threats have actually frightened the “dear, respected comrade” Kim Jong-un to lay down his nuclear arsenal, he will deserve the Nobel Peace Prize his fans are demanding. But the suits in Oslo might want to hold off before awarding another premature Peace Prize to an American leader.