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Interview: George Weigel Discusses St. John Newman’s Rich Legacy

In an interview with the National Catholic Register, EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel says that Cardinal John Henry Newman’s canonization should remind the fathers at the Pan-Amazon Synod that doctrinal development is not a break with tradition.

Learning from the White Rose

There is a lot of talk in the Church these days about “conscience,” and Blessed John Henry Newman is invoked by many prominent personalities in those debates. So it might be useful for all concerned, including Church leaders in the Munich where the White Rose youngsters in 1943 gave their lives for the truth, to ponder Newman’s influence on these contemporary martyrs.

Homage to Don Briel

The true revolutionary in American Catholic higher education over the past decades has been Don Briel, who has enlivened an approach to higher education that embodies the New Evangelization as no one else has done.

The Power of the Cross

Attractive crucifixes in our churches and homes should not blind us to the fact that death by Roman crucifixion was unspeakably awful. But the Son, through the power of God, won the victory.

Catholicism Embodied: “The Pivotal Players”

A new DVD series profiles six of the most striking personalities in Catholic history, who each lived at a time of crisis for the Church, and helped the Church to address that crisis creatively while remaining true to itself.

Newman and Vatican II

Vatican II vindicated John Henry Newman’s great work on the development of doctrine, which grew from a theological method that brought history, and indeed life itself, back into play as sources of reflection and growth in our understanding of God’s revelation.