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A Man for Strengthening Others

Father Paul V. Mankowski, SJ, will be remembered by those of us who loved him as a man and a priest who, remaining faithful to his Jesuit and sacerdotal vocations, became a tower of strength for others. This was a man of God. This was a man whose courageous manliness reflected his godliness. 


Catholic secondary education in the U.S. remains to be thoroughly reformed so that Catholic high schools prepare future leaders of the New Evangelization: leaders who will bring others to Christ, heal a deeply wounded culture, and become agents of a sane politics.

Paradoxes of Faith in Service to the Supreme Paradox

Henri de Lubac, S.J., understood the human predicament, the grandeur of God’s love, and the beauty of the Church with extraordinary clarity and fidelity.

Remembering Father James V. Schall, an Old-School Jesuit

The late Father James Schall’s faith informed his intellectual work, as his intellect refined his faith.