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Was the Soleimani Killing a Policy Success?

President Trump’s action rid the world of an effective terror master, and Soleimani’s death is likely to be at least a short-term setback for Iran’s imperial ambitions.

The Soleimani Assassination Could Have Dangerous Ripples Around the World

The assassination of Iranian Quds Force mastermind Qasem Soleimani is justifiably leading to fears of war with Iran. The Trump administration should be wary: That prospect could tempt other global adversaries to test our resolve elsewhere while the administration’s attention is focused on the Middle East.

Iran’s Revolution Reconsidered

Iran and the rest of the Middle Eastern world do not need any more revolutions or Western foreign policy interventions. They need a revolution of conscience: the moral power of human dignity.

Macron’s New Iran Deal Deserves a Chance

President Trump should take up French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion to treat the existing Iran nuclear deal as one leg in a broader accord that would cover nuclear activities beyond the deal’s 10-year deadline, ballistic missile technology, and, especially, Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism in the region.

The Road to Iranian Democracy

A new book on the movement toward democracy in Iran is meticulous, bordering at times on repetitive. Yet it is a compelling description of the paths of democratization in developing countries, and of the Iranian situation in particular.

Being Realistic—but Hopeful—about Iran

The road to a modest modernization initiative that could open up Middle Eastern countries in a way that would not compromise their religious beliefs and Muslim identity is only through the path of the dignity of the human person.

Why We Shouldn’t Expect Iranian Protests to Usher in a Democracy

Muslim peoples across the Middle East have struggled with separating modernization from Westernization without compromising themselves. We must be cautious in our response to the demonstration in Iran, and remember that the people of the Middle East value their identity.

The Fate of EgyptAir Flight 804 — and of Us

Between now and November, the Islamists and Donald Trump are in a kind of alliance. Any terror attack anywhere in the world helps both.

Gain Some Iranian Contracts, Lose Your Civilization

If Italy’s recent gestures of cravenness were not evidence of a crisis of civilizational morale in its terminal, or hospice-care, stage, it’s unclear what would be.

Will Jewish Democrats Sink the Iran Deal?

Seven key members of Congress must choose between loyalty to their party’s president and concern about what the Iran deal portends for Israeli and American security.