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INTERVIEW: Ryan T. Anderson Was Made for This Moment

EPPC President Ryan T. Anderson talks with Rod Dreher of The American Conservative about Amazon’s book ban, the Equality Act, and the key issues facing social conservatives in the years ahead.

Interview: George Weigel On Our Turbulent Times And The Way Forward

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel speaks with Catholic Digest about his latest book and offers some ideas on how average Christians can cope with the changes of postmodernity — and perhaps even make a contribution to restoring order in society.

Interview: Sir Roger Scruton on What It Means to Be a Conservative

Sir Roger Scruton talks to National Review about his latest book and the meaning of conservatism.

Interview: George Weigel on Moral Order, the Current Mess, and a Theological Reading of History

EPPC’s George Weigel talks with Catholic World Report editor Carl E. Olson about his new book, which includes chapters on World War I, foreign policy, Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Address, American political culture, John Paul II and humanism, and the recent Synods in Rome, among others.

Interview: George Weigel Discusses The Fragility of Order on CNS News

George Weigel argues in his new book that for America to maintain a political culture that protects liberty it must first rebuild the moral culture needed to sustain that political culture.

INTERVIEW: New Book Shares Author’s Adventure of Telling St. John Paul II’s Life Story ‘From the Inside’

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel discusses his new book Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II.

George Weigel Discusses His Lessons Learned From St. John Paul II

On a visit to Rome, George Weigel sat down with the National Catholic Register’s Rome correspondent, Edward Pentin, to discuss how the hand of Providence was clear in bringing him and St. John Paul II together in the mid-1990s.

Interview with George Weigel: The Creative Catholic

An interview with the author of Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II, Evangelical Catholicism, and other books, about the art and craft of writing.