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Polite Fictions

The very existence of polite fictions — such as the fiction that impeachment had arisen out of the disinterested concern of public-spirited Democrats to preserve constitutional norms and not as a squalid partisan affair — comes about because we are aware of the absurdity of regarding them as the firmly established truths they pretend to be.

Let’s Be Honest. Impeachment Hurt Trump’s Response to Coronavirus.

Despite the near certainty that Republicans would not vote to convict the president, Democrats and most of the major media were almost entirely focused on impeachment. As a result, the White House was focused on addressing this threat to its survival, not on preparing for a threat from China that might never even materialize.

Uncivil Service

This year’s election looks to be a referendum on which of two narratives is believed by “the American people,” to whom both sides appeal: that of the New York Times or that of President Trump.

Mitt Romney: A Modern Man for All Seasons

The Utah senator, having sworn to do impartial justice, would not evade the truth.

Trump’s Address on His Acquittal Showcases Why People Hate Him. And Love Him.

President Trump inspires devotion and hatred in nearly equal measures. His address celebrating his acquittal by the Senate showed exactly why that’s the case.

A Profile in Courage

Senator Mitt Romney’s decision to vote to convict President Donald Trump is an extraordinary act.

We’ve Seen This Trump Before. It’s Never Lasted Long.

President Trump’s State of the Union address was a masterful blend of base-exciting boasts and moderate-friendly proposals. But before Republicans get too excited or Democrats too worried, let’s remember one thing: We’ve seen this tack before, and it has never lasted long.

The State of Our Union Is . . . Entertaining

The State of the Union address brought President Trump’s high-concept politics—history as reality show or three-ring circus—to a new pitch of excitement, distraction and entertainment.

The Downfall of the Republican Party

To see men and women who had a positive vision beaten down and broken by President Trump is a poignant thing.

And So Begins an Impeachment Trial That Will Change No One’s Mind

The ultra-partisan debate over rules and the preordained outcome of the impeachment trial will lock already frosty interparty relationships in sheets of ice.