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Elise Stefanik Could Be Just What the GOP Needs

Rep. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) seems tapped to succeed Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) as the third-ranking member of House Republican leadership. Despite misgivings among more conservative members of the party, Stefanik could be just the type of new leader the GOP needs.

Republicans Might Regret Pushing Pelosi so Hard on an Impeachment Vote

Voting against the impeachment resolution will effectively insulate vulnerable House members from any blowback should impeachment prove unpopular. It’s hard to see how that helps Republican chances of defeating these members.

How Republicans Could Regain Lost House Seats in 2020

Republicans still face an uphill battle in their effort to regain the House majority. But new data provide a silver lining behind the national cloud.

A U.S. House Forecaster’s Guide

Four types of districts can help us predict the outcome of the midterms.

The House Health-Care Proposal

Meaningful success remains entirely plausible. But the intense emphasis on speed and pure momentum is likely to undermine that prospect rather than advance it now.

Some Early Lame-Duck Lessons

The brief lame-duck session of Congress now underway offers a first indication of what a Republican Congress might look like next year, and the early signals are disconcerting.

A Victory to Last

Conservatives who want to prevent history from repeating itself with yet another Democratic victory in 2016 should learn from previous failures to capitalize on big GOP waves.

How to Replace Obamacare

The ACA cannot be displaced with abstractions and good intentions. What’s needed is a workable and politically viable plan.